November 18, 2020 // UrbanAroma Staff

What Material Is Safe To Smoke Weed Out Of?

If you're a weed smoker, and your favorite smoking method is to use a pipe, then you need to know the pipe you are using is made with safe material.

Using a pipe material that isn't safe can cause health problems. If you're a medical cannabis patient, this is definitely something you don't want to expose yourself to. Whether you're a medical consumer, or you use cannabis for recreational purposes, you want to smoke as safely as possible.

All aspects of the type of pipe you smoke from are important to consider. Whether you use a dry pipe or a water pipe, knowing the material it is made from is essential. Remember, clean your pipe often with isopropyl alcohol, rinse it well and dry before using again. Here are several types of materials found in pipes, with info on how safe each is for use.


Glass is a great choice to smoke out of! It's one of the best materials for pipes. Glass is a clean material. When heated, glass gets hotter, but it doesn't give off smoke or vaporize. It won't create any toxic fumes, or give off any odors. The biggest drawback when using glass as a bong or pipe is breakage. Depending on the thickness of the glass, a piece can be broken easily. Weed smokers use all kinds of glass pipe designs, from spoons, to bongs, to bubblers, and more.


Ceramic pipes are top-notch. They tolerate extremely high heat, and are very durable. A ceramic pipe won't impart any flavor to your weed. In fact, ceramic is used to make nails and chambers for dabbing cannabis concentrates at high heat. A ceramic pipe is an excellent choice if you're investing in a nice piece.


For many weed smokers who are just starting out, aluminum foil can be a go-to material to make a pipe in a pinch. Little do they know, this is a bad idea! The US Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry clearly states the health effects of exposure to aluminum. Aluminum can create respiratory issues and may also affect the nervous system. It is not a good idea to use aluminum to smoke weed or tobacco.


Titanium is used for many things like space material, dental procedures, and medical implants. Titanium can handle very high heat. It is as strong as steel but much lighter. It appears that titanium is safe to use for smoking weed, and it is quite popular because of its durability.


Pure brass seems to be a great choice to use for smoking weed. It is non-toxic and does not pose a health risk. It is safe to heat brass, which makes it a better choice for pipes and pipe accessories like screens. It is much more durable than gold or silver. Pipes that are only plated with brass may not be as safe because the underlying metals could be toxic. Pure brass is the way to go.


Silicone has become very popular as a material for pipes and bongs. It's lightweight, almost unbreakable, and can even glow in the dark. With silicone pipes, the bowl of the pipe should be made from ceramic, glass, or steel. Your weed should never actually touch the silicone. Silicone bongs and pipes are also easy to clean since the resin of the weed doesn't stick to the smooth surface. Never clean silicone with alcohol like you would other pipes or bongs. A little mild soap and water will do the trick.


Not really advised as a smoking material. Acrylic bongs are usually affordable, and they are lightweight and durable. What many people don't like about using acrylic bongs is they can give off a bad chemical taste compared to glass or ceramic. Although some people use alcohol to clean their acrylic bong, using mild soap and water is probably the safest way.


In a word, no. Do not smoke weed from plastic. Even though plastic might seem as safe to use as acrylic or silicone, it's not. Using a plastic water bottle as a makeshift bong is a bad idea. Many plastics can cause cancer, and can have different levels of toxicity for humans. When purchasing a bong that appears to be made from silicone or acrylic, be sure to know for sure what you are buying. If the price is low, then chances are it could be made with plastic.


Copper is not safe to smoke out of. Copper can give off fumes and bad odors, if heated to a high enough temperature. Copper poisoning is possible. If you want to use a metal pipe or bong, choose a metal that is known to be safe such as pure brass or titanium. You shouldn't smoke out of a copper pipe.


Nickel is another metal that is not a good idea to smoke out of. Nickel is often used as an underlying metal in cheaper brass pipes and other items. The International Agency For Research on Cancer (IARC) determined that some nickel compounds are hazardous and carcinogenic to humans. It's a safer option to choose a brass or titanium pipe. It might be more affordable to purchase a pipe or accessories that contain nickel, but a cheaper product means it's probably not the safest product.


Lead and mercury are very harmful to humans, but silver is not. Silver is not known to cause cancer, or reproductive or neurological damage. Having contact with silver things like spoons, coins, and other things, has not been shown to affect human health. Silver has long been used to make pipes. The entire pipe can be silver, or silver might be used as decoration on a pipe made from another material like hardwood.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a solid option for pipes. There are also stainless steel screens available to use in pipes made from other materials. Stainless steel has long been a favorite to use for cookware and other cooking items. Stainless steel must reach very high temperatures before it gives off toxic fumes. It is highly durable and resists rusting. Stainless steel pipes can be cleaned using isopropyl alcohol.


People that smoke both tobacco and marijuana have long used hardwoods to make their pipes from. Most hardwoods are safe to use for smoking either material. You want to get a nice char on the inside of the bowl first. Some of the best hardwoods to use for smoking are ebony, olive, black walnut, briar, oak, rosewood, mahogany, mountain laurel, maple, manzanita, mesquite, and beech. Two of the most popular are cherry and hickory.