June 21, 2020 // UrbanAroma Staff

What Is A Glass Blunt?

What Is A Glass Blunt urban aroma Glass usage dates back to around 30 before Christ when the Roman Empire used colored glass as an item of art and decoration for wealthy members of the society. Two thousand years later, glass has become an essential item for cannabis smokers. Today glass pipes have unique designs that make them so accessible among smokers of all classes. Glass blunt pipes are no longer for the wealthy, but anyone can afford them. A glass blunt has come a long way and is currently a famous pipe replacing paper. What is a glass blunt in a nutshell? It is a pipe that smokers use as an alternative to rolling weed using papers and/or tobacco from a cigar wrapper. They also carry a day worth of weed for people on the go. The reason why glass blunts have been so popular is that they are easy to clean, easy to use, budget-friendly, and healthy to use.

How To Use A Glass Blunt

You need to learn how to use a glass blunt pipe, especially if you are a beginner smoker. A glass blunt provides an alternative for loading rolled tobacco or cannabis in a glass pipe rather than using paper to smoke. They use a twist or a slide system to dispose of ash and to load your cannabis. Sliders have an internal tube that moves back and forth while packing cannabis in the glass blunt. Sliders help you pack as much weed as possible in the blunt and adds pleasure to your smoking experience. The sliding mechanism is simple and you only need to either push the inner tube back to load your herb or slide it forward to dispose of accumulated ash. The twist mechanism is different from the slide model. You need to twist the screw to load your cannabis in the glass blunt. As the screw rotates, it forces the herb to navigate down into the ignition area.

Benefits Of Using A Glass Blunt

Eliminates Burns

Paper blunts and blunts made of other materials are famous for causing burns to smokers on the lips and fingers trying to smoke the tiny piece that remains before the tube is thoroughly exhausted.

Reduces Waste

With glass blunts, you get to smoke your cannabis up to the last roach without wasting it since there is a fear of burning your fingers and lips.

Better For You

Using glass blunts is much better compared to using papers. The less processed paper materials you use for smoking, the better off you are.

Cheap And Reusable

Glass blunt pipes are affordable to almost every smoker. Glass blunts go for nearly the same price as spoon types, chillums, and many other types of pipes that people use to smoke weed.

You Don't Have To Carry A Grinder

Because the glass blunt can include a grinder in its design, you don't have to carry around an extra piece of equipment. The glass blunt and a way to light it is all you need.

How To Clean A Glass Blunt

Cleaning your glass blunt is fairly easy, but it does take some specialized tools because trying to use only water to clean it isn't going to work. Materials needed to clean your glass blunt:

  • Alcohol
  • Pipe cleaning brush
  • Q-Tips
  • Small Cup
  • Blunt wipes

The first step to cleaning your glass blunt is removing everything out of it, including ash, and soak the glass overnight in a salt and alcohol solution. You can also use a cleaner specifically designed for the glass, such as Grunge Off. If any debris didn't fully come loose, use a Q-tip to scoop out anything that remains Wrap the inner tube a blunt wipe and scrub the glass blunt inner wall bypassing the tube through the wall of the glass Bend a chenille pipe cleaner to form an L-shape at its thick end Push the bent pipe cleaner through the mouthpiece until you reach the curved area of the mouthpiece and scrub it until you remove all trash. Now through the opposite side of your mouthpiece, push the clean end of your chenille pipe cleaner. Rinse your glass blunt and get ready for the next use. We recommend cleaning the glass pipe upon use instead of washing after using it several uses. Baby wipes are also useful for glass blunt cleaning but not as efficient as blunt wipes. If you don't want to go through the hassle of scrubbing your pipe each time you use it, you can simply drop it into a container of Grunge Off and by the time you need to use it again, it'll be clean as a whistle. Just rinse it off and you're ready to go.