About Urban Aroma

Urban Aroma helps you find the best cannabis brands, delivery services, dispensaries and deals. It is a voice for cannabis consumers, offering essential information, education and brand awareness. Steeped in the essence of underground culture, Urban Aroma is also a platform for cannabis, art, activism and social equity with editorial and charitable commitments.

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The aroma of cannabis permeates the heart of major cities worldwide as its outlaw roots bloom into a new era of legalization. As marijuana goes mainstream and the benefits of the plant are embraced by all, the rich counterculture of cannabis and activism — the foundation for the Green Rush — should be preserved. Urban Aroma serves as a link between the underground origins of the American cannabis scene and its bright green future.

Origin Story

Urban Aroma’s origin story comes out of the graffiti and hip-hop movements. We believe that paying homage to graffiti and hip-hop, and telling the story of underground cannabis, is essential in the fight for a fair cannabis industry. All three have emerged from the underground and and often worked hand and hand to become embraced by mainstream society.

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The daring entrepreneurs who fought for cannabis to be decriminalized and legalized deserve a voice. Urban Aroma is that voice — the platform that connects consumers, while chronicling cannabis culture and those who blazed the trails.