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Buying weed in NYC is all about finding trusted NY marijuana businesses, and in this article, we show you the best of what the Big Apple has to offer!

From finding the best New York marijuana shops to learning all about NY marijuana legalization, we've got you covered in this ultimate guide. Click below to jump ahead in this article:

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How to Get Weed in NYC | Is Weed Legal in New York | NY Medical Marijuana

NY Marijuana Legalization | New York Marijuana Risks

The Urban Aroma team has handpicked some of the most trusted NYC weed stores. If you're looking for the best of NYC cannabis, take a look at our 2021 list of top recommendations below.

NYC Weed Delivery & Best Weed in NYC (In-Person Favorites)

From NY weed delivery, weed trucks to edibles, we know all the best places to find weed in NYC. Make sure to check out our directory listing for premium NYC cannabis picks. With so many five-star reviews, see why New York residents are buzzing over these cannabis businesses.

Best NYC Cannabis Hands Down: Gifted BK

Gifted BK describes themselves as "A Cultural Destination." Conveniently located in Brooklyn, this is certainly a destination you'll look forward to visiting. Set in a unique gallery setting, we guarantee you've never been anywhere like this.  

Most Trusted NYC Marijuana Delivery: King of New York Cannabis

The newest and best service we’ve seen in NYC is King of New York Cannabis. All we can say is, WOW! This isn’t delivery, this is a safe, comfortable, and premium shopping experience in New York City! All you have to do is text or call them at 718.690.8425. They’ll send you the menu and location, and you’re welcome to come by any day, 10am-10pm. Locations may change once or twice a week, but they’ll all be in a penthouse-type apartment in Manhattan. This is a premium upscale experience. Don’t forget to ask them about their membership opportunities and how to get updated in real-time on the penthouse location. Be sure to tell them Urban Aroma sent you!

Best Marijuana NYC Delivery with an Extensive Menu: Jumpin Jack Flash

Jumpin Jack Flash is New York City’s premier cannabis delivery service. A true OG in the NY scene, they have an extensive menu of high-quality THC flowers, concentrates, vape cartridges, tincture, edibles, and CBD products. They deliver to all five boroughs. To order, reach out on Telegram – @gothmed for discreet, professional, contactless delivery.

Download Telegram from the Apple or Google Play store. Please mention Urban Aroma in your message when you reach out. The good thing with these guys is that they NEVER ask for money upfront. If, for some reason, anyone asks for cash in advance, you know it’s not Jumpin Jack.

Edibles NYC: Pizza and Weed with Pizza Pusha!

Pizza Pusha is a must! If you’re in Woodhaven, Queens, or Jersey City, you can pick it up for yourself. Otherwise, you’ve got the amazing option for delivery. This unique weed delivery service bakes THC into their pizza pies. What? Best of both worlds!

Pizza Pusha has an easy process to order infused pies:

  • Step 1: Give your IG username
  • Step 2: Are you picking up or getting delivery?
  • Step 3: If pickup, choose your location, Woodhaven, Queens, or Jersey City
  • Step 4: If delivery, what’s the address?
  • Step 5: What time would you like your order to be delivered or picked up?

Is Weed Legal in New York 2021?

It's official; marijuana is legal in New York as of March 31, 2021! This is a thrilling moment in history as the NYC marijuana industry will go through a series of regulations allowing NY residents to consume and carry recreational marijuana. While the laws are still taking shape, learn what we know about the NY cannabis laws in detail below.

NY Marijuana Legalization -MRTA (Marijuana Regulation & Taxation Act)

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the MRTA (Marijuana Regulation & Taxation Act), which legalized cannabis for adult users. The passing of this legislation also created an entirely new governing body known as the OCM (Office of Cannabis Management), which is governed by the Cannabis Control Board.

The OCM still needs to work through all the issues in their current draft of this law in order to allow adult use and sales to begin. So while there are no stores technically open for New York recreational marijuana sales, there are still major benefits to this law. Let's get into them.

Weed Laws in NYC

Is weed legal in NYC? While you can't walk into a store and buy just yet, there are no penalties for public possession of up to three ounces of cannabis or 24 grams of marijuana concentrates. Let's take a look at just what is in store with New York weed laws:

  • The MRTA (S.1527/A.1617) legally regulates the use, production, sale, and other activities related to marijuana and marijuana products in New York.
  • The MRTA will allow resentencing and reclassification of previous convictions relating to marijuana offenses.
  • Law enforcement will still charge for serious offenses such as driving under the influence, providing marijuana to minors, and transporting it across state lines.
  • New York residents over 21 will be able to cultivate up to 6 marijuana plants in a secure setting not visible to the public.
  • Anyone with low-level possession or low marijuana sales charges will have that conviction vacated from their record.

How to get Weed in NYC

The laws can be a bit confusing at times as NYC weed is legal, but you can't just head to any store and purchase pot yet.

Here at Urban Aroma, we connect you to reliable sources for buying pot in NYC, but there are still various ways to order weed online in NYC. Let's explore a few of these options.

Weed Delivery In NYC

For residents and tourists, alike, delivery in NYC is a fan favorite. With all the hustle and bustle in the city, who doesn’t appreciate the idea of having weed brought to them in the comfort of their own home?
Weed delivery in New York is very popular with tourists because it can be delivered to your hotel room upon request. The process is easy once you’ve found a trusted source.

What makes a delivery service for marijuana in NY trustworthy? The reputation they’ve built, based on efficiency and having the goods requested. So how does a weed smoker go about finding a trusted source, especially not being familiar with the city?

Urban Aroma has a list of reputable delivery services in New York that we’ve discovered are the most efficient, and always bring the goods they say they offer!

Weed Trucks NYC

A surge of weed trucks in New York has emerged. One notable company called Weed World Candies was selling fake lollipops after the NYPD tested the candy to discover zero THC. With legalization taking place, we might someday see new weed trucks that do sell legitimate NY edibles. In the meantime, take preventive measures and avoid scams by checking our directory listing first to see what customers had to say about weed trucks in NYC.

Weed Store NYC

Not to be confused with medical marijuana dispensaries in New York, weed shops in NYC are very different. Most often, they are moving locations hosted in secure and luxury buildings. The same goes for many areas in Los Angeles. You get granted access and ride an elevator up into an excellent facility where you'll be greeted by budtenders, a menu, and can take a look yourself at all the amazing strains. It's a very great experience, but of course, there are sketchy ones as well, so we recommend you check our directory listing to see what actual NY residents had to say about their experience with cannabis shops in NYC.

New York Marijuana: Where Can I Smoke?

While the MRTA is still in draft, certain parts of the law are being rolled out much earlier. You can see the changes occurring as the NYPD officers received a memo instructing all officers not to arrest anyone for carrying a minor amount of marijuana in NY.

As far as where you can smoke, an easy rule of thumb to follow: wherever you can smoke cigarettes, you can also smoke marijuana. Smoking a cigarette in public is governed by the Clean Indoor Air Act, and so far, marijuana is being regulated the same way. This means restaurants, bars, offices, parks, beaches, pools, subways, ferries, and stores are off-limits.

If you are caught smoking in a prohibited area, you can expect a small fine or even community service. Also, marijuana is not yet legal with Federal law; this means that all Federal properties are off-limit as well, such as public housing units.

So, where can you smoke weed in NY? The sidewalks, smoking-approved zones, and of course, your home.

NY Medical Marijuana Everything You Need to Know

Currently, there are 12 New York city dispensaries, with more to come. With a medical marijuana card or prescription, New York residents can purchase NY medical marijuana.

The qualifications to obtain a New York medical marijuana card are as follows:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You need to be a legal resident of New York with proof of residency.
  • You must be diagnosed with a "qualifying condition."
  • A practitioner must certify your qualifying condition (prescription).

So what is a qualifying condition when it comes to NY medical marijuana approval? Serious ailments such as ALS, cancer, epilepsy, HIV, Huntington's disease, multiple sclerosis, neuropathy, seizures, and Parkinson's disease all qualify you.

Also, if you are suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), severe or chronic pain, muscle spasm, opioid disorder, or bowel diseases, you also qualify.

For the rest of us that don't qualify for any of the above, if you have any chronic pain, you can obtain a medical marijuana card in New York City.

Things you will need for your Medical Marijuana card:

  1. Practioner certification form proving the qualifying condition
  2. ID number from your New York State issued ID or driver's license.
  3. Caregiver card (if applicable)
  4. Fees (depending on the company)

Growing Cannabis in NYC

Much like California and DC, New York is allowing residents to cultivate marijuana at home. While this is no easy task, if anyone does take the time to learn how to grow their cannabis, the results are excellent as far as saving time and money.

Adult New York residents will be able to grow 6 plants (with 3 in a vegetative state and 3 in flowers at any given time). If you have multiple adults in the house, the maximum is 12 plants per household, with 6 in vegetative and 6 in flowering.

This means that you can cycle off cannabis plants in NY to have more harvest per year. The vegetative state of marijuana is generally the first 4-8 weeks when the cannabis plant is just a regular plant. When you change the light cycle, you promote the cannabis plant to "fruit," known as flowering. At week 9, when you begin the "flowering," is when the buds and trichomes will begin to produce. So having three plants in vegetative and three plants in flower mean you will only harvest three cannabis plants at any given time in New York.

While the initial start-up of growing can be pretty expensive, if you learn to cultivate your own New York Marijuana, you will save quite a bit in the long run.

New York Marijuana Risk - What Not to Do!

There are plenty of NY weed businesses opening up. The NYC recreational weed industry is expected to climb rapidly over the next few years. There are many horror stories of NY residents thinking they are purchasing premium marijuana from weed shops in NYC, but instead are getting pure garbage.

How do you avoid being scammed with your hard-earned money?

One of the best ways is to only purchase from reputable sources such as a New York marijuana directory like Urban Aroma. We vet and handpick only the best of what NYC weed has to offer.

When searching through a directory listing, you can see genuine reviews from what New York residents have said about their experience. If you had a poor shopping experience, you could post a review, and this helps warn other shoppers and regulate the NYC cannabis shops.

Pro-Tip: There has been a lot of buzz going on about the edible trucks and weed vans seen driving around the streets of New York. Do not be fooled. The products sold by these weed trucks do not contain any THC in the slightest. You’ll think you are about to get a good high from eating one of these edibles or weed lollipops only to find out it does nothing. If you spot a weed truck in NYC, don’t be like a kid running to the ice cream truck. You’ll be severely overcharged for a lollipop or brownie that will only disappoint you. 


With the legalization of marijuana in New York, it’s an exciting time. Trust the businesses that have been around for some time. That being said, weed entrepreneurs have gotten crafty with business ventures — and as with anything else in New York, new ways to obtain weed are being produced overnight. Until the state-licensed businesses open up next year, we can rely on the delivery services we know and love!
Always check our directory for the best ways to find weed in NYC.