Features // November 25, 2020 // Ben Berkowitz

The Top 10 TV Shows to Watch When Baked

The Top 10 TV Shows to Watch When Baked
We are all looking for ways to stay highly entertained while we stay safe at home these days. Well, allow us to open your mind to some new “canna-tainment.” These less typical stoner options are perfect for the elevated mind. Whether it's just for a few episodes or a multi- season binge, these TV shows will keep you engaged when you're baked!

1. Legion

https://youtu.be/4SZ3rMMYBLY AMC’s latest edition to the Marvel-verse might be a bit obvious discovery for the Comic-Con cannabis crowd, but I think this appeals to both Marvel and non-Marvel folk. And I don’t mean DC Comics freaks, I mean actual human beings that aren’t into superheroes or mutants solving the world’s dilemmas. This is a great show to binge and escape our Covid universe Pair with: A delicious hybrid like Girl Scout Cookies (or the too-on-the-nose Incredible Hulk).

2. The Great

https://youtu.be/hJGedvRfHYg A forward-thinking woman is finally determined to rid her country of a ruthless, inept, narcissistic leader. No, Melania didn’t finally reach her limit and snap. But this is a very similar situation in 18th century Russia. Catherine is a brilliant everywoman stuck in a bad marriage, in a country that desperately needs reform and progress to survive. The journey is a sublime exploration of the comedy of decadence and intrigue of a bygone era, a comparable time in history to our own. Pair with: The most powerful OG Kush you can find to couch-lock and travel in time. "Na Zdorovie."

3. What We Do in the Shadows

https://youtu.be/EGQChk9zGyQ Ancient Eurotrash gallivanting around 2019 Staten Island — what is more HIGH AF than that?! The delicate balance of camp dramatics and doc style camera is well suited for the levels of both humor and macabre, using the now-trusted device of interview bumpers to set up scenes à la The Office. And while this device isn't original, the show riffs on it in a way no other has before, finding the elusive sweet spot between funny and true love for the horror milieu. Pair with: Go with Hellfire OG for this one... or anything spooky will do!

4. Zenamation

https://youtu.be/Yf3jhDActYo I have watched this stone cold sober eating ice cream with my toddler and High AF after hours when my family is asleep and I can tell you it works both ways. A dialogue free Zen montage, divided into chapters, this is a pure string of animated classics. The end result is a collage of both beauty and whimsy. Pair with: In-di-ca!!! Triple that Purple OG Kush and be one with the universe.

5. Nathan For You

https://youtu.be/f2rgzsO-AMM Nathan For You is a funny slow play in a world of ADD driven manic fury. But it is worth it, and has a heart and a soul much like its creator. Nathan is all the best parts of Andy Kaufman’s "life is art," and the joke is all of us. Bonus feature: when this show became a hit for Comedy Central, Nathan used his sway to fight Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism in his home town of Vancouver. Pair with: Trainwreck will broaden your comedy tastes so you can truly appreciate this show.

6. Ugly Delicious

https://youtu.be/pN_XItALHmM Like a lot of great chefs, David Chang transcends his amazing food to explore the cultures and ideas behind what's delicious. He allows us to enjoy, but it's the discussions, the arguments and casual, authentic, funny discourse that makes this show so captivating. Pair with: Jack Herer. Note: your storebought brownie or gummy is not appropriate to accompany Mr. Chang’s punk-rock odyssey of gastro exploration!

7. Atlanta 

https://youtu.be/k8_t9pWIZiE The inventive layers of Atlanta could have their own show. Mercurial, unpredictable, gorgeously shot, and running the gamut from hilarious to brutally honest drama. Creator, producer and star Donald Glover is one of the most promising young talents in America right now.  Pair with: The citrusy terpenes of Tangie to accompany the elevation of this great show.

8. The Loudest Voice

https://youtu.be/lAnJJHrq0Ws I know. Fox News. WTF? Trust me, this show is brilliant, and never takes the easy road to exaggerated satire. There is something cathartic about watching Roger Ailes as he slowly falls apart, played passionately and intimately by Russell Crowe. It's as if we can get high and have a close-up view of the man who personified our transition to the #MeToo era, and the (soon to be over) Trump universe. Pair with: A tasty Gelato, and lots of it!

9. Veep

https://youtu.be/--Mo61W9e-8 We finally have an IRL female VP in the USA, so this show resonates even more... and it's funny as hell. My friends in DC say it's the show that most accurately represents what it's really like behind the scenes in American politics. Pair with: Edibles! Eat a brownie and watch a season. If you're a smoker, keep it Chem Dog for Madam VP.

10. Peep Show

https://youtu.be/3l1mbCSUw-0 This show continues to be an eternal flame of irony and wit, and a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the stellar Oscar-winning British actress Olivia Coleman. She handles these comic miscreants with aplomb and beyond its clever POV shooting gimmicks, Peep Show is truly emblematic of how good British TV can be. Pair with: Go old-school with some New York Sour Diesel