November 23, 2021 // Carl Rogers

Pre Rolled Joints - Finding the Top Pre Rolls In Your Area

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Pre rolled joints are the preferred smoking method for many cannabis users, so it’s no wonder they have become increasingly popular. 

Pre rolls are a quick and easy way to achieve the high you’re looking for, and the perfect choice for those on the go. 

Maybe you’re not a bong person, or you just need a quick buzz to get through the day. Pre rolled joints are your perfect solution. In this article, we recommend the top places to find your pre rolls so that you can safely get them with ease and peace of mind, knowing you are receiving the best joints in your area. 

In this guide, you will learn how to find the best pre rolls in your city, the different types of pre rolls, and how much pre rolled joints typically go for, so that you can be informed while finding the right cannabis joint for you.

Best Pre Rolls In Your City 

Depending on where you are, you may have a decent amount of pre rolls to choose from. Whether you’re visiting a medical or recreational dispensary, the options given below are different types of pre rolls that are searched for.

Here are the four main types of pre rolled joints. To be sure you’re finding the best pre rolled joints, always use a trusted and verified cannabis directory such as Urban Aroma!

Pre rolls are available in, but not limited to, the following places:

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Delta 8 Pre Rolled Joints

Delta 8 pre rolled joints are wonderful for smokers looking for a more relaxed high that is not overwhelming. Delta 8 is a less-potent cousin of Delta-9-THC, or “regular” THC, and offers a mild, functional high. Delta 8 is a cannabinoid that may help reduce anxiety, insomnia, pain, and nausea. Check with your dispensary to see if they offer Delta 8 pre rolled joints. Chances are, if they carry CBD products, they will carry Delta 8 pre rolls. 

moonrock pre roll

Moonrock Pre Rolls

Moonrock pre rolls are some of the strongest pre rolled joints and are popular among those who are looking for an intense high without having to go out of the way to dab concentrates. Your best option for finding a moonrock pre roll would be in the DC area or New York City, as they have a wide selection for pre rolls there. However, you could still get your hands on some tasty moonrock pre rolls in other cities and states, such as California, where they are commonly found.

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Hemp pre rolls

Hemp pre rolls, also referred to as CBD pre rolled joints, are great for those who want to reap the soothing benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive high that comes from THC. There are many advantages to smoking hemp pre rolls such as relief for those suffering from pain,insomnia or eating disorders. CBD pre rolled joints are smoked as any other joint would be smoked, and can be found in the majority of the cities listed here.

hemp pre rolls

Mini Pre Rolled Joints 

Standard pre rolls are great, but sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up, and not so much of a powerful high. That's where mini pre rolled joints come in! They are the perfect size for microdosing, when just a few puffs are needed. Mini pre rolls can be found in all cities where cannabis is legal (medicinal and recreational). Next time you don’t want to get super stoned, find your city and get yourself a convenient sized pre roll for a quick hit.

What is a Moonrock Pre Roll and Is It Right For Me?

moonrock pre roll is a pre rolled joint that consists of hash and kief is infused into the marijuana flower. Moon rocks are nugs of cannabis that have been dipped into extracts or concentrates and rolled in kief for extra potency. You can expect an intense and lasting high from smoking one of these bad boys. 

They are not recommended for first time smokers or those with lower tolerances, due to high levels of THC. If you are new to smoking, we suggest starting with a standard pre-roll. To find moonrock pre rolls for sale near you, click above in our suggested cities to find out if shops in your area carry them.  

How Much Are Pre Rolls - Are Pre Rolled Joints Worth It?

So how much are pre rolls, and how do you know if it’ll be worth your money as compared to other smoking options? Price points depend on your city, and if you are buying pre rolls recreationally or medicinally.,Prices vary. However, as a general rule of thumb, most standard joints and pre rolls range from $15 per joint up to $25 depending on the type of pre roll and strain you are purchasing. 

Premium joints such as a moonrock pre roll can land anywhere from $20 - $35 or more for a single joint. If you want to know if it’s worth the cost, the answer would rely on your smoking preference, and whether or not a joint can provide the high you desire. For the average smoker, yes, a pre rolled joint has many benefits, and can also be cost effective in terms of conserving weed in the long run if you smoke it in increments. 

How Long Do Pre Rolls Last?

Pre-rolls don’t last as long as blunts do, nor do they hold as much as a blunts does (unless you’re rolling a super sized joint). A typical pre roll can last anywhere from one sitting to two or three if you space it out into little hits or puffs. 

Pre rolled joints are great in that they serve the purpose of getting you stoned without requiring as much cannabis as other methods of smoking can (like a bong or a blunt). Besides, they’re already pre rolled for you! All you have to do with a pre roll is spark it up and smoke when you're ready, which makes it a convenient option. If you’re wondering how long pre rolls last, as far it goes for the standard smoker, it depends on the user, tolerance level, and the type of high you are looking to achieve. 

Where to Buy Pre Rolls Safely 

There are many places to buy pre rolled joints, but how do you know where to buy pre rolls safely? It’s simple! We’ve taken the guesswork out for you by recommending our top marijuana stores for each city listed above. Can you buy pre rolled joints online? Absolutely. More times than not, you have the option of having your pre rolled joint delivered to you. Alternatively, they’re often available for in-store pick up, which can be done with a click of a button through the stores websites. You can also browse through your selections conveniently when shopping online. 

Bottom Line 

Now you know how to safely buy pre rolls in your area, and where you can easily find them. If you’re someone who needs a quick puff to keep it moving, pre rolled joints may be the best option for you. If you’re a daily smoker who needs an extra push, a moonrock pre roll will do wonders for you in terms of high intensity that’s packed with flavor. 

For those who want a natural and relaxed feeling without the soaring high from THC, we’ve provided options for pre rolled joints that you can find through our suggested cities - Delta 8 pre rolled joints and hemp pre rolls. We hope we’ve covered everything you need to know to find your perfect joint, along with some helpful information on the many different types of pre rolls out there. Choose wisely for what best fits your needs!