Many cities and states have their own rules for buying and smoking weed. Let's adventure in this article to see how to buy weed in Los Angeles California. 

Is Weed Legal In Los Angeles?

Recreational weed became legal on January 1, 2018, anyone 21 and older in California. You need to be aware of state and local laws on weed smoking, growing, and carrying, as it differs from area to area in Cali. 

How To Buy Weed In Los Angeles?

If you are twenty-one or older, you can buy it at a recreational retail store. But, those stores have to be licensed to sell it to you. You will need a state-issued ID to prove your age. To make sure nobody gets any fines or jail time, make sure the store is licensed by the state and local license for the county, as they differ around the state of California. If you want to make sure they are legit, you can contact the local jurisdiction to make sure. Just give them the store’s name. 

How Old Do You Need To Be To Buy Weed In LA?

Just like when you want to buy weed in DC, you have to be twenty-one or older to purchase, smoke, vape, or consume edibles in LA. You can be between eighteen and twenty years old to have a medical marijuana card. You can get this card from your doctor after determining the condition you have will benefit from medical cannabis.  

Where Can I Smoke Weed In Los Angeles?

Same as many states, you can’t smoke weed in public places. Also, if you can smoke tobacco somewhere, you can’t smoke weed. According to the locals on places like Trip Advisor, you can’t smoke weed anywhere in public; you can smoke only in your home or on private property. One lady states that some San Fernando locations allow it in the stores, but a bit far from LA. According to some of the reviews, you may need to call ahead to see if you are visiting if stores in the area will sell to an out-of-state person. They have said some stores won’t. So, you can smoke it at home and on private property. That includes any establishments you visit that allow it. Shouse Law recommends asking the property owner before you do to prevent any legal issues.  Remember, where tobacco isn’t allowed, neither is weed.  When it comes to your vehicle, it’s the same in many places— no smoking in cars. Law group Shouse says it is the same as drinking and driving. You may only have it in a sealed container while in the vehicle in a glove box or trunk. 

Where Can I Get Medical and Recreational Marijuana In Los Angeles?

The Doctors and Medical Marijuana Cards of Los Angeles are a few places in LA to get your MMJ card if you qualify. Recreational, on the other hand, is everywhere because it's legal in California. Dispensaries for both medical and recreational exist all over the city, so you're sure to find the strain you're looking for. 

Can You Get Weed Delivery In Los Angeles?

Like most other places where recreational weed is legal, you can get weed delivery in Los Angeles. According to state law, you can order up to 28.5 grams of weed and 8 grams of concentrates a day.