Laws & Politics // November 2, 2020 // Sergio

Are Weed Clubs Legal in Barcelona?

Are Weed Clubs Legal in Barcelona?
Spain believes in freedom just like the United States does. The First Amendment of the Constitution —freedom of assembly — is something the two countries have in common. Something we don’t exactly have in common is the right to privacy. In Spain, what happens in a private place stays private, unless it involves leaving that private place with contraband, i.e., trafficking. As long as what you are doing never reaches the public domain, you are good. What you do with your body doesn’t concern Spanish government officials — they’ve got trips to the Dominican Republic to think about. Put these two freedoms in a pot, and stir them until the mix turns a nice shade of grey, and out comes a weed association, or, as they're commonly known, a cannabis club.

Birds of a Feather Get High Together

There's an important concept at work here: an association. First, let's define what an association is: a group of people organized for a joint (heh-heh) purpose. In this case, getting blazed is our joint purpose, no pun intended. I emphasized organized because this is the difference between getting high with your friends on the couch, or declaring to the government that you are a group and can be treated as an entity, usually for tax purposes. Think of an association as getting a business license for a non-profit organization (NPO). A NPO business license has its benefits. Like, if you wanna buy bulk Cheetos, pay wholesale prices and declare them on your tax return? Start an association.

Nothing for Sale Here

So now you have an association started, and as long as it is a non-profit organization, and by this I mean, nothing for sale, you should be good. You are probably asking yourself how a NPO can survive without making money? That’s easy… donations! Club members must pay club dues, and also donate to keep the association alive. As long as there is nothing being sold, which is illegal, you are in the grey area that allows for cannabis associations to thrive. Just remember, never use the words “buy” or “sell” at a club, and everything is legal. Replace those words with “donate” and “retire” or withdraw,” and you will be following the law like a true outlaw.