Features // August 24, 2020 // Sergio

The 10 Barcelona Cannabis Commandments

The 10 Barcelona Cannabis Commandments
In the Barcelona weed scene, one must be aware of certain truths. Cannabis is technically illegal. Trafficking, selling, or carrying cannabis in Spain is a crime. If you’re caught smoking or displaying it in public, you’ll be slapped with a fine, any weed you have will be seized, and you could be subject to jail time. The personal use of marijuana, however, has been decriminalized. It’s acceptable to smoke weed in private spaces. This includes private cannabis clubs, which require membership. As a visitor to Barcelona, if you’d like to enjoy the weed scene, your best (and safest) bet is to join a club. Here are 10 commandments to follow when visiting Barcelona cannabis clubs that will keep you safe and high.
  1. Sack your sack.

    Hide your cannabis products properly. This is very important. Stop and frisks by the Barcelona police are frequent, and fines range from 600€ to 1500€.
  2. Always carry ID.

    Most clubs will ask for a physical copy of your ID. A picture or photocopy of your passport will sometimes suffice.
  3. Bring cash.

    Ninety-nine percent of clubs are cash only. Bring whatever cash you need, to avoid having to leave the club to find an ATM.
  4. Don’t wait out front for your friend.

    If you don’t want to pay the 20€ membership fee to a club, but your buddy is willing to go in and cop for everyone, wait for them at a bar or anywhere else, just not out front. It’s a red flag to the cops that whoever you are waiting for is carrying, and draws attention to the club itself.
  5. Don’t be in a hurry.

    Barcelona's social clubs are not dispensaries. They are private clubs where people go to smoke. When you visit, give yourself enough time to burn a J, at least 15 minutes, before you leave. This will keep attention off of you, and may save you from a quick search by Barcelona’s finest.
  6. Never tell the police anything.

    If you sinned and broke the 1st commandment of cannabis, and are caught with weed on your person, keep your trap shut. You don't want to end up a witness in a case against your favorite place in the city.
  7. No pictures, please.

    Cannabis clubs are still not fully legal, so taking random pics of the club, the menu, or the staff is usually prohibited.
  8. Do not follow promoters.

    Club promoters in Barcelona are typically bad news. They hang out near clubs, trying to redirect new members to other clubs. Just be polite, say no, and move along.
  9. Do some research.

    Even though cannabis clubs are not exactly legal, plenty of them have websites and Instagram pages, so make sure that you find one that fits your tastes. Not all clubs are alike. You don't want to go to a metal bar if you like hip-hop.
  10. Don’t be a cunt.

    Yes, we said it. This is the British version of the American Douche a.k.a. ‘Muricus Guidiolis. Your visit to our social clubs is our gift to you, not the other way around. Be polite and mindful of your surroundings, and things should go smoothly.