January 16, 2020 // UrbanAroma Staff

Zherblato Strain Review

Zherblato is an Indica dominant hybrid strain comprised of Sherbet, Gelato, and Zkittlez bred by TK. This is the first time this intoxicating & smooth strain has ever been reviewed. Zherblato first seduces you with its noninvasive, green tea and citrus aroma, and then with its sage green and lavender buds. Just a couple lemony-herbal drags will have you singing a different tune.

 Zherblato gives way to a peaceful, happy high; as if someone just gave you some really swell news. Although a couple of us experienced some light tingling in our cheekbones, for the most part, this strain doesn’t affect the body beyond relaxing the shoulders. Zherblato did not leave us immobile or super sleepy, thus making it great for daytime use. This strain would work well in social settings or for relieving anxiety.

Overall, we love it! Zherblato is a fantastically balanced strain great for chilling at home with some good records or for a social outing. Although it’s an Indica dominant strain, it won’t leave you cemented in your couch but rather feeling relaxed, chatty, and a bit euphoric. Because the aroma and flavor are so tantalizing, this strain would work lovely in edibles, especially those with lighter flavors like lemon, almond, caramel, and coconut.


You can start buying Zherblato on TK from TK.