Strains & Reviews // February 9, 2021 // Darina

White Cherry Truffle Strain Review

White Cherry Truffle Strain Review

Love is in the air. Or is it just White Cherry Truffle smoke?

This might be my new favorite strain. White Cherry Truffle tastes exactly as it sounds: like sweet cherries and chocolate. There’s a hint of that diesel-y fuel smell, and it's reminiscent of the sourness of coffee and really dark chocolate. It’s exactly the right amount of sharpness for such a sweet smoke.

Bliss & Sweetness

Aside from totally losing my mind about how good White Cherry Truffle smelled and tasted, I also felt really, really good. I was instantly hit with a mega-mood boost. I was already in a great state of mind, but a few hits of this cannabis, and I had a massive grin on my face. The warm fuzzy feeling crept all the way down my body until I was totally blissed out. 

I have to admit: the first time I smoked this was in a blunt, so I wondered if the sweetness, or even the body buzz, was because of that. But like any true scientist worth their weight in weed, I double-checked my theory later on with cellulose papers and I can conclusively say that White Cherry Truffle is the nicest, yummiest weed I’ve laid my lips upon. Everything about this weed is intense, but not in a bad way. The smell is intense, the taste is intense, and so is the body high. 

The nugs are small, covered with white trichomes and muted orange hairs. The leaves are actually quite dark green but you’d never know from the smothering of white trichomes. At first glance, it’s kind of an average-looking bud, but its intoxicating aroma tells you that there’s more to discover. Never judge a bud by its cover!

White Cherry Truffle Strain

Mood Booster & More

This is an Aficionado Seeds project, in which the breeders initially crossed a Chemdog Special Reserve from 2012 with Cherry Lime #4, and then took the result of that and crossed it with Highland Afghani. It averages 15-25% on the THC scale and tip-toes the hybrid balance at 60% indica 40% sativa.

It’s a fan favorite for chronic pain and especially migraines and headaches and I can see why. This body buzz was so soothing, I almost forgot I had limbs. She’s a great mood booster so I wasn’t surprised to find out this strain is often recommended for mood swings and depression.

And with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, let me tell you this: this is a great strain for a first date. It allows you to stay mentally sharp, while blessing you with a strong and euphoric body buzz. Perfect for chatting, relaxing and maybe a little K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

Rating: 10 I really love any strain that gives me a body buzz, so I’m a bit biased with this one. And it’s also a guilt-free way of having some chocolate! I’m in love.