Features // November 16, 2020 // Sergio

Where to Buy Seeds In Barcelona

Where to Buy Seeds In Barcelona
Are you a grower? Interested in procuring great genetics to pop? Here are a few of our favorite spots to buy seeds in Barcelona. Tell them we sent you!

Sensi Seeds Carrer Ample 35, 08002

Sensi Seeds is by far the largest seed bank in the world, and has been so since 1985. The Sensi Seeds shop in Barcelona can be found next door to the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum. Inside, you can browse through over a hundred cannabis seed varieties, including quite a few house varieties. The store also stocks products from notable cannabis-related brands, including Hempstory, Pax, Mr NICE, Hemp Eyewear, and Rolkaz’ hemp skateboards.

Royal Queen Seeds Carrer de Pelai, 3, 08001

Located in the Raval district in the centre of town and one of the fastest-growing cannabis seeds companies in Europe, Royal Queen Seeds is well on the way to become a favorite in Barcelona. This Dutch treat may be small, but when it comes to autoflowering varieties, they are Queen in the City of Counts.

City Seeds Bank Carrer dels Tallers, 47, 08001

Located minutes away from the Museo de Arte Contemporanio de Barcelona, this Dutch wunderkind is making moves in Europe and beyond. With stores in Holland, Italy, Israel and Spain, City Seeds is becoming a favorite for growers of all types, from the greenhorn all the way up to the old school pro.

Barcelona Seed Center Carrer de Avinyo 29, 08002

Strategically located on one of the main arteries of the Gotico district, Barcelona Seed Center is the first shop dedicated solely to marihuana seeds and cannabis vaporizers in the city. The shop also carries pipes, bongs, grinders, curing boxes, and resin extraction equipment.