Cannabis 101 // January 7, 2020 // UrbanAroma Staff

What Weed Should Never Smell Like

What Weed Should Never Smell Like
Weed has many aromas: pine, citrus, tea, pepper, and sometimes even diesel. This is part of what makes cannabis enjoyable! However, it’s good to keep in mind that your new nugs should never make you quiver after giving ‘em a whiff. Below are some telltale signs that your weed is bad.

Your weed smells like freshly cut grass, ammonia, or hay

What you’re smelling is probably chlorophyll decomposing into ammonia. This is generally a sign of incomplete curing (the stage of cannabis growth where farmers age and dry the cannabis buds before it’s ready for consumers). We suggest pitching your buds as they’ll not only taste harsh but might also be harmful to your health.

Your weed smells like chemicals

Abort mission! Just throw it out, it’s definitely not worth it. The smell of chemicals in your cannabis probably means that the plant was treated with pesticides (using pesticides actually isn’t that uncommon as most growers use some sort of nutrients to help their plants grow). However, you shouldn’t smell those pesticides once the product has been handed over to you. There’s also a chance it’s spice or K2. Like we said, throw it out.

Your weed smells like mold, must, or mildew

This one sounds obvious, but your cannabis should never smell like mildew. Cannabis plants like it warm, and with warmth and improper conditions, sometimes comes humidity, leaving buds vulnerable to unwanted mold growth. You should be able to tell from the look of your buds that it’s moldy, too, but keep in mind some molds look like those gorgeous trichomes.

Your weed doesn't all

It’s more than likely just old. Probably a harsh smoke but more than likely there is nothing wrong with it. Keep in mind, if you’re not smelling any of the aromas in your cannabis, you’re probably not smelling potentially harmful ingredients, either. We hope these tips keep you smiling and smoking!