Features // June 17, 2021 // Andy Andersen

What to Stream in June While Baked

What to Stream in June While Baked

The question of ‘what to watch’ can become an overwhelming proposition fast, especially if you’re stoned, couch-locked, and faced with an ever-multiplying mess of major streamers on your TV. In the age of infinite content options, curation is key. That’s why we’re giving you a roundup of top-shelf streaming options to hit up with your next evening joint, edible, or casual vape. This June, skip the hours-long scroll through all the gargantuan content libraries out there, and let Urban Aroma take you through a dank selection of movies and shows to queue up when you’re perfectly baked at home.

What to stream on Hulu while baked

Trolls World Tour

Trolls World Tour was one of the early planned theater joints to shuffle over to an immediate streaming release at the top of the pandemic last year, and it’s been sort of floating around streaming queues ever since. Watch while baked because: It’s an absurd colors-on-colors acid trip that breaks with the standard Pixar-esque CG-animated formula in every conceivable way. It’s chock full of visual gags and sweeping, textured fractal zooms through computer-generated fever-dream environments. Pair with: A reliably potent gummy, cookie, or cannabis beverage so this silly psychotropic ride hits full force.

Dave: Season 2

The sophomore season of the FX comedy starring rapper/comedian Lil Dicky premieres on Hulu June 17. Watch while baked because: Dicky’s songs and particular brand of boyish metaphysical humor with heart is masterfully interwoven through a modern sitcom lens in a way that feels fresh and delightfully off-kilter. Pair with: The smoothest, silliest vape cart you got for a quick hit of solid laughs and chill vibes.

Gone Girl

David Fincher’s electric slow-burn meta-crime thriller based on the popular novel by Gillian Flynn drops on Hulu June 15. Watch while baked because: When you’re in the right stoney headspace, Gone Girl is a straight-up wheeze-laugh-inducing black comedy that viciously satirizes Ben Affleck’s celebrity and movie star persona. Pair with: Your favorite indica-leaning hybrid that gives you the giggles.

The Long Goodbye

The original Inherent Vice, a.k.a. a canna-fueled counterculture remix of the hard-boiled detective genre, directed by legendary alt filmmaker and elderly stoner Robert Altman, is coming to Hulu June 1 and leaving June 30. Watch while baked because: Pretty much all of Altman’s films beg to be watched deep into a quiet evening sesh where his hazy cinematography, overlapping dialogue, and psychedelic transitions all wash over you. Pair with: A joint of your favorite foggy strain.

What to stream on Netflix while baked

The Mitchells vs. The Machines

This fresh, delightful animated movie about a quirky family who find themselves at the center of a robo-apocalypse while on a family road trip hit Netflix back in April to much acclaim. Watch while baked because: It’s an appropriately frenetic, hilarious, and heartfelt visual feast that infuses the “family film” space with a much-needed outside-the-box approach. Pair with: Your favorite hemp or high-CBD flower for a chill, full-body high and a perfect “Netflix and chill” sesh with your canna-friendly loved ones.

The Big Lebowski

The Coen Brothers’ cult hit that practically spawned its own religion is coming to Netflix in June. Watch while baked because: You already know why. This is a stone-cold stoner classic and one of the most rewatchable hangout movies to exist. Pair with: A vintage strain filtered through your favorite water pipe for a classic stoner-movie sesh.

The Twilight Zone

Seasons 1-5 of the classic sci-fi anthology series are leaving Netflix at the end of June, so watch while you can! Watch while baked because: People have been getting baked and watching Twilight Zone episodes since the dawn of television. If you’re in the mood for an engaging and entertaining TV mindfuck, this shit always hits right. Pair with: A clean dab or hit from your dry flower vape for a head high that gets you waxing philosophical.

What to stream on HBO Max while baked

True Romance

Dropping on HBO Max at the top of June is True Romance, the early ’90s cult-classic genre collab from writer Quentin Tarantino and director Tony Scott. Watch while baked because: Tarantino provides the larger-than-life characters and rapid-fire, meta-textual dialogue, while Scott (Top Gun, Days of Thunder) offers up an atmosphere and aesthetic that’s sure to pair nicely with a blanched body/head high. Plus Brad Pitt, in his breakout role, provides the iconic proto-Pineapple Express stoner avatar. Pair with: a sativa-leaning hybrid to make the dank cinematography even danker and Tarantino’s genre-bending dialogue even more exhilarating.

Kung Fu Hustle

The cult hybrid martial arts-screwball comedy-gangster joint also drops on the Max at the top of the month. Co-written, produced, directed by, and starring Honk Kong martial artists Stephen Chow, Kung Fu Hustle is an insane good time no matter what mental state you’re in. Watch while baked because: This flick’s combination of martial arts stunts, Looney Tunes visual humor, and early-2000s CGI begs to be experienced in conjunction with a late-night sesh. Pair with: A saucy dab for a strong, clear head high to meet the energy of Chow’s comic-book kung fu freneticism.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

The third installment of the ever-popular Conjuring franchise is coming to theaters and dropping on HBO Max June 4. This time around, paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren dig into a series of murders that may be linked to demonic possession. Watch while baked because: To the inexperienced, the concept of pairing weed with horror movies may seem a bit much. But we all know the stoned audience and the horror audience have a huge overlap. In the weed world, high horror is an art unto itself. Pair with: A potent edible for an immersive, exhilarating terror ride.


The National Lampoon comedy classic starring Bill Murray, Rodney Dangerfield, Chevy Chase, and a dancing Muppet gopher is leaving HBO Max at the end of June. Watch while baked because: Though it ushered in an era of raunchy cocaine-fueled '80s comedies, Caddyshack makes for a helluva retro stoner comedy with chill vibes, prominent pot references, slapstick humor, and dank old-school cinematography to spare. Pair with: A full-gram indica joint for chill vibes and laid-back laughs.

What to stream on Disney + while baked

Raya and the Last Dragon

Disney’s latest animated flick got the “premiere access” treatment (meaning you had to pay extra to watch it at home) back in March. Now you can watch it on the service for the entry price of your pre-existing subscription. Watch while baked because: It’s a big beautiful animated action extravaganza with all the warm fuzzies one expects from the house of mouse. Pair with: A mild gummy for a serene, elevated watch party.


The latest Marvel series starring everyone’s favorite God of Mischief with Tom Hiddleston’s beautiful face premiered on Disney + on June 9. Watch while baked because: From the looks of the trailer, we’ve got a dank, trippy, retro-time travel joint on our hands. Pair with: A gassy 50/50 hybrid for a dank but not-too-heady MCU adventure.