April 20, 2023 // UrbanAroma Staff

What Is a Stealth Pipe?

What Is a Stealth Pipe?

Even though cannabis is legal in many states, not everyone feels free to openly smoke weed. In the past, you had to hide the fact that you smoked weed — today, not so much. However, if you still like to keep your smoking to yourself, you need discreet weed products.

A stealth pipe allows you to carry your smoking accessory without anyone knowing what it is, disguised as an ordinary object you might keep around your home, or in your pocket or purse. Only you know that the ordinary-looking item is really a variety of pipe that you can use anytime you want!

What Do Stealth Pipes Look Like?

A stealth pipe pen looks just like an ink pen. You can tuck it in your shirt pocket, purse, briefcase, or luggage, and no one will be the wiser. It's a great way to take a toke or two. Just don't let anyone borrow it if they ask to use your pen!

ball pen stealth pipe

Stealth pipe lipstick tubes are great if you want a smoking pipe that looks like something you carry in your handbag all of the time. It looks just like a lipstick tube. You can tuck it in your cosmetic bag along with your other makeup, and no one will know it's any different than your other lipsticks!

lipstick pipe

A stealth pipe cigarette or one hitter looks any other cigarette. You can slip it into a regular pack of smokes, and no one will be the wiser. Of course, these may come in handy only for those that smoke cigarettes. If you let someone borrow a cigarette, be sure you don't give them the wrong one!

A keychain stealth pipe serves two purposes. It holds your keys, and it's a pipe in disguise. You can keep your incognito smoking pipe close at hand since you have your keys with you everywhere you go. A stealth keychain can be purchased in all kinds of fun designs. There are even stealth pipe keychains that look like a mini flashlight, that actually work.

stealth pipe flashlight

These are just some of the cool designs that stealth pipes come in. Other stealth pipe designs include magic markers, packs of gum, cigars, spark plugs, bracelets, necklaces, lighters, and more! You can choose whichever creative stealth pipe design that will work best for you. You can have several types of stealth pipes around, so you always have a pipe when you need it.

How Much Do Stealth Pipes Cost?

Most stealth pipes are small in size and are meant to be used for a toke or two. How much you will pay for a stealth pipe can depend on how well it's made, and its particular design. Of course, how well it works is also a factor. Stealth pipe ink pens can start at around $5.00. Other stealth pipe designs can go for as much as $50.00.

Where Do You Buy Stealth Pipes?

Almost all weed shops carry stealth pipes in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges. In states where weed is legal for recreational use, it's usually easy to find a weed shop that may carry a stealth pipe design you like.

For those that live where weed is not yet legal for recreational use, shops are not as easy to find, but you can find almost anything you want online. Shopping online always provides you with a much broader selection in both styles and prices. Sometimes a better stealth pipe selection and price is worth the few days' shipping time it takes to get your pipe delivered!