March 12, 2020 // UrbanAroma Staff

What Is A Sherlock Pipe?

What Is A Sherlock Pipe?

The fictional detective Sherlock Holmes was known for his mystery-solving skills. He was also known to smoke tobacco from a unique-looking pipe. Of course, weed lovers use smoking pipes too. Today, there are so many styles and sizes of smoking pipes, it can be hard to pick just one, but a popular style is the Sherlock pipe. (You can guess why it has that name.)

A Sherlock pipe has a deep U-shaped bend, reminiscent of a saxophone. The U-shaped bend causes hot smoke and vapor to change direction quickly, kicking out ash and unwanted particles against the cooler part of the surface. The ash and particles cool fast and stick. The bend in the pipe can help deliver a cleaner, smoother hit than a straight smoking pipe.

What Are Sherlock Pipes Made From?

Most Sherlock pipes used for smoking tobacco are made from wood, and may have metal and porcelain accents. Weed lovers like glass Sherlock pipes. Pipes made from glass materials can be cleaned better than many other materials. Glass pipes don't retain unwanted flavor after they are cleaned. Sherlock pipes made from wood, porcelain, silicone, or metal may still have unwanted flavors, even after you clean them.

Glass Sherlock pipes will have the famous “U” shape to some degree, and they can also have their own uniqueness added to their design by glass blowers. Sherlock-style pipes can be found in an array of shapes, colors, and sizes just like other pipes can.

sherlock pipe glass

What Are Features Of Sherlock Glass Pipes?

Even though glass Sherlock pipes may look similar, they can have different features. The hammer pipe has a straight stem in place of an arched one. The bubbler Sherlock-style pipe can be used with water. The water cools smoke and delivers a smooth hit that is less harsh on the throat. Some Sherlocks have built-in ash catchers. Others come with a flat base that makes it easy to set the pipe down between hits. A flat base or legs make for easier display as well.

One drawback to glass pipes is their durability. Ordinary glass pipes can be broken easily. This means you have to be careful when using them, and where you store them. The glass your Sherlock pipe is made of might be thick and durable, but still prone to breakage. No one wants to use a cracked or chipped glass smoking pipe.


What Do Sherlock-Style Pipes Cost?

The cost of a Sherlock-style pipe will vary depending on what it's made of, and who makes it. If you want a Sherlock pipe made from a specialty wood like mahogany, it may cost you a few hundred dollars if it's handmade. Handmade items cost more than factory-made items because of the craftsmanship and time involved.

Many Sherlock-style glass pipes range from $20 to $60. It usually just depends on the elegance of the design you want and what added features it includes.

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Where Are Glass Sherlock Pipes For Sale?

Sherlock pipes are typically for sale at head shops and weed dispensaries. However, those selections may be limited depending on the size of the store you go to. Going to a store means you can see the pipe you want to purchase, hold it and get a feel of its weight and how it feels in your hand.

When you go online to buy smoking products like pipes, the selections can be better because there's just so much out there. Prices will vary, and you might be able to find the best deal online. Just make sure the website has a return policy if the pipe isn't a good fit for you when you receive it.