June 26, 2020 // UrbanAroma Staff

What Is A One Hitter And How Do I Use It?

what is a one hitter urban aroma A one-hitter is a small cylindrical pipe that holds enough cannabis for "one hit". They can be made from a variety of materials including metal, glass, clay, stone, and wood, and are generally small and easily concealed for people on the go. Let's talk about reality. One-hitters have always been a low cost, entry-level pipe that is small, easily used, and concealed while delivering very light to more powerful hits. Make no mistake, one-hitters can't compare to the rips of a water bong but are still very effective. The older cannabis users still keep them in their collections and they seem to be very popular among people just entering the cannabis culture for whatever reasons. They remain top sellers in the US to this day.

Why do one-hitters remain so popular?

1. Low cost. 2. Saves incredible amounts of bud. 3. Very easy and quick to use. 4. You always get a green hit. 5. Easily concealed for people on the go. 6. Easily control dose size for medical patients. Let's talk about each of the above benefits of owning and using a one-hitter and see if you're a good fit for one or more of them in your arsenal.

Low Cost!

You can buy a plain one for under 2 bucks. How's that for a low barrier to entry? Most one-hitters are below 20 bucks, with a multitude of multi-packs coming in at less than 20 bucks. You can spend more for more elaborate pipes and including a dugout in the purchase. A kit with a dugout, bat (one-hitter), and a mini-grinder will likely run you 30 bucks or so, but just a wooden dugout and one-hitter can cost as little as 10 bucks. This by no means makes a case that all one-hitters are low cost because that's not true. you can spend several hundred dollars on them if you want. They're out there if you have that kind of pocket change and collect them. A lot of the cost variation has to do with the materials used and the engineering of the sets or one-hitter you're looking at. And some have super high-quality artwork and are custom made.

Does A One-Hitter Save You Money?

Yes, they do! They save you a lot of money. You are using one hit at a time, and if you're a medical patient who has to medicate all day, it may be easier to control your dosage and times using one-hitters compared to other pipes with larger bowls. You can literally cut your cannabis cost in half with a one-hitter. I know many who agree and save with them. Even a small spoon pipe will save you money compared to blunts and bongs, and a one-hitter is more cost-effective than a spoon.

Are One-Hitters Easy and Quick To Use?

Absolutely! If you buy one with a dugout, you can grind up your daily ration, and off to work or whatever it is you're doing. You can generally load, take the hit, exhale and have it concealed again in under 30 seconds. It's that simple! Here is the play by play to using a one-hitter with a dugout in under 30 seconds. Open the dugout, remove the one-hitter, press the bowl end down into the cannabis compartment of the dugout, and twist it. Use the one-hitter like a cigarette. Put it to your mouth and light the end where the cannabis is with a lighter. Take a slow and steady hit until it's out. Place the one-hitter back in the dugout, exhale, and go about your business. It's that fast.

How Can I Always Have A Green Hit?

Answer: Buy a one-hitter! I have friends who will throw you out of their house for overloading a bowl in a bong and having to take a second hit. They'll come at you like Gollum screaming "you ruins it"! Some despise the taste of charred cannabis and ash. They don't want to re-light that bowl a second time and ruin the taste. This makes the one-hitter the supreme master of green hits.

Are One-Hitters Easily Concealed?

Yeah, they are easy to conceal. If you're carrying just a simple one-hitter, then yes, but there are one-hitters that are larger and a bit too bulky to bring with you from my personal perspective. Even a small dugout and one-hitter combo can be easily concealed since the entire rig is close to the size of a pack of cigarettes. But there are some that are recognized as one-hitters when they are actually more than a one-hitter. You'll understand clearly once we go over examples of the variety of one-hitters below.

Can I Control My Cannabis Dosage With A One-Hitter?

Yes, you can. The one-hitter is likely one of the easiest ways for you to control your dosage. Why do I make such claims? It's common sense. Most one-hitters hold about 25 milligrams of cannabis. It's fairly easy to keep from overdoing it with a one-hitter as a beginner, or simply not increasing tolerance for taking a little too much from time to time. The one-hitter, because of its very limited size, can help you manage your effects more consistently. Take a hit, wait 10 minutes, take another, repeat until your dosage is right for you. Once you're at your correct level of effect, just take another hit as needed to maintain all day. Now it's time to look at a few one-hitters that are available on the market, broken down by the different materials.


When most think of one-hitter, they think of the common cigarette version. But these extend far beyond that when it comes to metals as a material. You can find some pretty impressive chillums made with metals. You can also find dugout and one-hitter kits made of all metal and an assortment of designs and colors.


Glass is one of my favorites. So many options, sizes, and designs that you could easily spend a half-hour looking at glassware and find at least 10 you would love to own.


Although clay is fairly cheap, they can have great designs and artwork on them that are traditional to the areas the types of one-hitters originated from. The chillum is a prime example, coming from India.


Stone is so beautiful, strong, and clean in many ways, but its weakness is heat. The concentrated heat in one area can bust stone apart, so make sure you are choosing one made from stone that is more heat friendly. Otherwise, they are pure awesome. Beautiful colors, designs, sizes, and options are endless, and if cared for, will last a lifetime if you make sure of what stone it's made from in the beginning. I've busted a few myself. It was expensive lessons.


Wood can make some of the most beautiful one-hitters on earth because of the variety of woods, grains, and densities. There's really not much you can't build with good quality wood and a craftsman doing a bit of creative magic. One-hitters from wood can be absolutely stunning and effective. No matter how you break it down for the cost involved in investing in a one-hitter, you're sure to come out ahead financially. But you'll also gain freedom and control of your dosing. Combine that with a work of art and you have the perfect match. Good luck with your hunt.