June 21, 2020 // UrbanAroma Staff

What Is A Bubbler Pipe?

What Is A Bubbler Pipe urban aroma Cannabis smoking equipment, including bubbler pipes, bongs, and other kinds of pipes, gives recreational users a chance to try out new ways of appreciating their favorite drug and helping patients find the best means of administration that are best for their needs. Bubbler pipes, however, are an exceptionally renowned piece of cannabis smoking equipment because they are portable and easy to use. Additionally, a bubbler pipe gives a nice smoking experience. Bubbler pipes are quickly gaining popularity as one of the predominant smoking devices for recreational users as well as medical patients.

What Is A Bubbler Pipe?

A Bubbler Pipe is a combination of a water pipe and a bong. A bubbler pipe is made up of a bowl, stem, mouthpiece, and a water chamber, much similar to a bong. You may also buy a bubbler pipe with a percolator. A percolator is an additional water chamber that filters and cools the weed smoke.

What Is The History Of A Bubbler Pipe?

It's evident that it was common smoking in a water pipe many years ago in Africa and Asia. Water pipes were basically made from natural materials, and people used them to enjoy tobacco. In the 16th century, the Chinese were making their water pipes from bamboo wood, brass, or bronze. It was not until the 1960s and 1970s when glassblowing for cannabis use turned a popular phenomenon. Glass bongs changed from immobile versions to more mobile bubbler pipes over time.

How Do I Use A Bubbler Pipe?

Using a bubbler pipe is quite simple. Begin by filling the water chamber with cold water-bearing in mind that the colder the water, the smoother your hits become. Second, grind up some weed as you would grind for a regular bong hit. Pack the ground weed into the bowl piece. If there is a carb on your bubbler, cover it with your thumb or finger and put your mouth over the mouthpiece. You can now light the bowl and draw the smoke smoothly but continuously into the chamber and inhale. Remove your finger or thumb from the carb and then continue inhaling the remaining smoke from the chamber.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Bubbler Pipe?

There are some obvious advantages to using a bubbler pipe. First, if you enjoy your cannabis from a bong, a bubbler pipe is an ultimate way to take your preferred smoking method outdoors, courtesy of a bubbler pipe's small build. Additionally, a bubbler pipe provides smooth hits that guarantee you a much more enjoyable smoking affair than many other kinds of cannabis pipes. A bubbler pipe primarily combines the convenience and ease-of-use of a common glass pipe with the trouble-free smoking experience of a bong. A bubbler pipe is durable, light, and easy to handle, mostly for newbie smokers who may not be familiar with using a bong. A bubbler pipe also comes with a great deal of flexibility. A bubbler pipe can still work as a dry pipe, such as a spoon design pipe when you have no water to use or are busy. It is simple, pack up your weed in the bowl, and enjoy! Again, a bubbler pipe is simple, which is different from a bong. A bubbler pipe does not need additional components like a bowl or down stem. The water in the bubbler pipe's chamber helps filter out the smoke and cool it before it enters your mouth and throat. This means that you enjoy smoke that it easier on your throat as well as healthier. It's very close to the effect of the Steamroller pipe design without the water. Again, there are diverse alternatives when it comes to using bubbler pipes. This means that it is a guarantee that you can find a bubbler pipe that goes with your needs. Bubblers pipes are stylish and classic too. Bubblers have a sleek and aesthetic design, which also pleases the eye!

How To Clean A Bubbler Pipe

Cleaning your bubbler is important as it keeps it from bacteria, gets rid of resin accumulation, and makes your bubbler pipe last longer. The cheapest effective way to clean your bubbler pipe is by using a salt and isopropyl alcohol solution. Soak your bubbler pipe in the solution for an hour and then use a pipe cleaner, rinsing the pipe out with some warm water to do away with resin from the most ornate parts of the pipe. Finally, leave your bubbler pipe to dry before you use it again.