Features // October 11, 2020 // UrbanAroma Staff

Weed Edibles In Barcelona

Weed Edibles In Barcelona
The cannabis scene in Barcelona is rich and interesting. There's no commercial cannabis in Spain — under current laws, trafficking, selling, or carrying cannabis is still a crime. Smoking or displaying it in public will cost you a large fine, any cannabis you have will be seized, and you could even be subject to jail time. However, the personal use of marijuana has been decriminalized, and it's acceptable to consume cannabis in private spaces. This is why Barcelona's cannabis clubs exist — to provide a safe space for people to enjoy locally grown flower and other cannabis products. Which brings us to edibles. Since Spain doesn't have a commercial cannabis market, edibles are unregulated and vary wildly in potency. They can also contain some dodgy ingredients, as our staff reviewer discovered with one product in particular. Remember, when sampling edibles, always go low and slow — it can take up to two hours for edibles to take effect. Check out our feature Eating Green: How Do Edibles Work? for a deep dive into the science behind edibles. Our staff reviewer in Barcelona picked up a few edibles to check out. Read on to see what he discovered!

Wolf Bisquits

Wolf Bisquits is a local Barcelona edibles brand. The brand has a punky design with classic flair, and offers a wide range of are distillate-based goodies, from classics like brownies and cookies, all the way to organic THC infused sugars, vegan Potcorn and chocolates.

Dr. Mad

Dr. Mad is a BHO candy-based edibles brand, although they have other items on their menu such as Coconut Balls, Tea Biscuits and Gummy Bears. Dr. Mad are the micro-dose kings: their gummies contain 2.5mg-5mg per bear, so you can enjoy a few without going overboard.

Mr Cookie

As the name implies, Mr Cookie makes classic old-school herb-flavored cookies. I tried both the 100mg Chocolate Chip Classic and the 125mg Oreo Cookie Cookie (a cookie with 2 mini Oreos in it). The cookies were vacuum sealed and smushed when I got them. Honestly, I didn't feel that either cookie was close to hitting the 100mg mark.

Zombie Creme

Zombie Creme is a spread-based brand. Their spreads include chocolate, chocolate-peanut butter and peanut butter spreads. As adventurous as I may be, I couldn’t bring myself to taste the spreads due to the fact that they had a really strong chemical smell to them. Sold in 200mg and 500mg.