Features // December 11, 2020 // Darina

Top 10 Things to Do in Barcelona While High During Lockdown

Top 10 Things to Do in Barcelona While High During Lockdown
So, you’ve made it to Barcelona, scored some delicious bud, and you’re ready to hit the town — but thanks to COVID, everything is closed. No concerts, no festivals or nightclubs. Worry not! There’s still plenty of fun to be had in this amazing city, even if you have to be back at your hotel by 10pm. In this special roundup, we share some advice on where to go and what to do, all while respecting curfews and social distancing.

Rent a Bike and Explore

This is number one on the list, because aside from giving you the means to get around the city, you’ll be able to avoid the crammed, germ-infested subway. Barcelona is dense but small, so you can get almost anywhere by bike in 20 minutes. There is an amazing system of bike lanes all throughout the city, which means you’re being eco-friendly and also safe.

First Stop: The Beach

No matter what time of year, the Barcelona beaches are packed with locals and tourists alike. Bring a snack, roll one up (keep an eye out for cops), and breathe in that fresh Mediterranean air. If it’s too cold to swim, it’s always a great spot for people-watching. 

Discover Gràcia’s Plazas

Back in the day, this charming neighborhood used to be completely separate from Barcelona, and it has maintained a small-town feel. Full of sunny plazas dotted with terraces and local shops, this is a great place to have a drink, or just sit outdoors on a sunny day. Our favorite is Plaza del Sol, where you can find an artisanal beer shop with over 400 varieties of brew.

Go Record Shopping

Like all other small businesses, record stores need all the help they can get right now. Buying records is a great way to support your favorite musicians and the local economy. And what’s better than smoking a big J, putting on some headphones and melting away into some undiscovered musical gems? We recommend Discos Paradiso in Raval. 

Treat Yo’ Self

One of the only good things about the Barcelona lockdown is that all of the beauty salons and hairdressers were able to remain open. While traditional spas remain closed, this means you can still get your nails done, or get a facial, in a clean and hygienic space. 

Hit Up a Museum

Since capacity for museums and galleries is currently set to 30 percent, you’ll have plenty of space to yourself to gawk at work by great artists. Museu Frederic Mares is a stoner’s paradise, dedicated to the eclectic collection of an old Barcelona billionaire. Collection of what, you ask? This guy collected everything from stamps to art made with human hair, and it occupies a full three stories of an ancient building. To top it off, there is a stunning courtyard in the museum with a great little café.

Go on a Street Art Tour

Barcelona is one of Europe’s hubs for street art and graffiti. Either take your bike and ride around the city keeping your eyes peeled or hit up one of many local groups offering tours — we love Barcelona Street Style Tour. If you do venture out on your own, we recommend the Poblenou neighborhood. It’s a great blend of industrial and residential architecture, and it’s next to the beach!

Get Lost in a Labyrinth

Barcelona is littered with parks. We could easily write an article on all the amazing parks we’ve smoked joints in! But tucked into the hills overlooking the city, there is the beautiful and unmissable Parc del Laberint, with a lush forest full of benches to smoke in peace, and a massive labyrinth with a beautiful sculpture right in the middle. 

Eat Your Heart Out

It’s a simple equation. Smoke, Eat, Chill, Repeat. Support the local restaurants that desperately need your help in these times, while trying out new foods and staying nourished. There’s more to Barcelona than just paella, tapas and sangria, and no matter what your dietary preferences are, there’s something here for you.

Visit the Christmas Markets

This one is a little more seasona,l but since Catalans celebrate both Christmas in December and Three Kings on the 6th of January, the Christmas markets are a month-long event. You’ll soon discover that the Catalans have a bit of an obsession with nativity scenes, logs that poop out presents, and the infamous caganer, a defecating figurine that ranges from the traditional man with a cap to celebrities like Messi and Rosalía. This is truly something you have to see with your own eyes.