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Super Lemon OG Strain Review

Super Lemon OG Strain Review

Super Lemon OG is the ultimate stay-your-ass-home weed.

The first time I smoked Super Lemon OG, I was home alone and completely rearranged my living room. When my boyfriend came home and I tried to blame our new furniture arrangement on the weed, he just rolled his eyes and laughed. But not long after, I found him in the kitchen smoking a joint and hand-labeling the spices, so…

Basically, this is a real get-shit-done kind of strain. While some weed strains can be great for going out socializing or running errands or just relaxing, when you come across the superpowers of something like the Super Lemon OG, you have to harness those powers of productivity. Otherwise you might waste that hyper-focus on... oh, I don’t know... 3 hours at the mall touching all the sweaters in all the stores cause you can’t decide which is the softest one.

Super Lemon, Superhero Weed

Find a task that requires focus, burn one down, and watch yourself turn into a superhuman. I’ve tested this theory not only on my living room furnishings, but all around the house. It’s the ultimate quarantine weed. That massive pile of laundry? Poof! It has magically turned into a perfectly folded arrangement of clothing. All those files on your laptop desktop? Meticulously organized into color-coded folders. I’ve started about 6 different hobbies since I started smoking this weed and have filled the freezer with enough food to get me through another eight lockdowns. Anything you need to do, Super Lemon will get it done.

Super Lemon OG Strain close up

Lemony, Peppery Perfection

DNA Genetics came up with this incredible all-purpose indica-leaning hybrid by crossing Super Lemon Haze with their very own Captain Krypt OG (and probably sprinkling it with a bit of fairy dust). THC content ranges from 16-22%.

The buds that are dense and really long, and covered in dark orange pistils. I found them to be nice and sparkly without being overly resinous. I can’t even imagine what this weed would be like if it were any stronger, to be honest. 

On their own, the nuggets smell nice and lemony but once they’re ground up there are definite hints of green apple and something of a peppery harshness. I definitely coughed the first time I sparked up and learned to take small, calculated puffs instead of filling my lungs. Not the smoothest smoke I’ve tried but well worth the ride.

Rating: 9.8 I don’t really have anything bad to say about this beauty of a strain. Especially now that we’re spending a lot more time at home, having a strain on hand that helps you stay motivated and get things done is wonderful. The best part is that even after a day of alphabetizing your book collection of labeling your spice rack, Super Lemon OG never leaves you feeling exhausted.

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