Strains & Reviews // November 25, 2020 // Darina

Strain Review: Kandy Kush (Barcelona)

Strain Review: Kandy Kush (Barcelona)

This hybrid by DNA Genetics has two superstar parents: Train Wreck x OG Kush. It’s a 60% indica 40% sativa, with chunky buds full of resin that shines like diamonds and smells earthy and very sweet — almost syrupy. First impression: she smokes smoothly and burns super evenly. I’m really into these cellulose papers right now, and I love seeing super frosty strains through them.Kandy Kush Barcelona nugKandy Kush won 1st place out of 140 competitors at the Colorado Cannabis Crown 2010 for best medical cannabis. Touted for its stress-relieving qualities, I could see why right away after one hit. It crept up on me, but suddenly I wasfully engulfed in an overwhelming body buzz.My face felt really warm and tingly. I rolled my shoulders back as I exhaled, and could feel my worries melting away.

Day Into Night

Often this feeling quickly leads me straight to the sofa but I was really buzzing so I went for a walk.It was a sunny day and I sat outside for a long time, watching the world go by. Not a hint of paranoia. I felt great. Euphoric. The high stuck around for a long time, but I was ready to roll up again when I got back home — and roll up I did.After a massive feast, I spent the rest of the night puffing away in my living room feeling soothed and serene, but awake enough that I actually made it through an entire movie!

Flower Power

If you want to understand the power of a hybrid, Kandy Kush is it: invigorating and relaxing. This flower could be a great start to your day, or the perfect company for melting into your couch. The kind of weed you can smoke from dawn til dusk — she's my kinda gal. Rating: 9.8. I’m only docking a couple points because this bud brought on such a massive case of the munchies that I went through a week’s worth of groceries in one afternoon.Kandy Kush Barcelona flower