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Strain Hunters Review (Barcelona)

Strain Hunters Review (Barcelona)
Located less than a minute from the Ramblas in central Barcelona, Strain Hunters boasts one of the best locations for a cannabis club in the city. Memberships are open to tourists through online invitation or a co-sign from a current member. You must be over 21. Once you've signed up, you are asked if you want to donate any cash to your account. Strain Hunters has a "no cash exchange inside" policy. Basically, you top up your account, and from then on you make all donations using your membership key fob.

From Warm to Cool in Zero Flat

The interior of the club is not large, but it's definitely comfortable. The front, as you walk in, features a woodsy decor. Wood panels and big-screen TVs cover the walls, and the tables appear to be slices of huge tree trunks. The lighting is (as it is in so many cannabis clubs) lightbulbs pouring out of copper faucets. Someone please get me this interior designer's number. As you make your way to the back of the room, the lighting changes and so does the decor. Cold, blue-hued lighting and black panels are the main focus of the back of the house decor, which gives the place a modern edge compared to the cabin-in-the-woods inspired front of the house.

The Name Says It All

The menu in this place is really well, curated albeit pricey. The flower menu is complex, and makes you wanna break out the AllBud app to understand what you are looking at. The concentrate/extract menu is solid and lacks nothing. From Blonde Kief to Nepali style blacks, Strain Hunters lives up to its name. Menu: 5/5 stars Budtender: 3/5 stars Lounge: 3/5 stars Decor: 3/5 stars Price: $$$$/5 Strain Hunters Carrer de Santa Mònica, 2, 08001 Barcelona, Spain