December 20, 2019 // UrbanAroma Staff

Storefront Review: Wash Hydro

Wash Hydro  2318 18th Street NW Washington, DC  (202)-750-7760 Open: 10am-10pm, Monday-Saturday & Sundays, noon-8pm

Wash Hydro has some limitations, but it's still an easy spot for a tourist to score some smokable weed and rolling papers in the Green Light District.

Wash Hydro was one of the first brick and mortar shops legally gifting cannabis in the District. Conveniently located just below Insomnia Cookies on 18th Street NW, Wash Hydro opened its doors in January 2016 and quickly helped establish the Adams Morgan (AdMo) neighborhood as the Green Light District of DC. There are no nearby metro stations and parking can be challenging, but it’s generally possible to make a pretty quick transaction here. Merchandise available for purchase include t-shirts printed with ever-changing graphics produced by the King Weedy collective ($42 plus tax) and hats ($52 plus tax). In addition to t-shirts and hats, they also have some growing supplies, and carry some CBD products, including loose flower. They are open until 10 p.m. most nights and accept cash, debit, and credit cards. Although the staff is friendly, they are seemingly unversed about information regarding the gifts. They do, however, make it easy for beginners to receive cannabis by explaining that you will receive a gift (displayed under the glass counter BUT NOT FOR SALE!) if you buy a t-shirt or hat. Tourists love the novelty of having a speak-easy-like experience of receiving cannabis flower as a gift in a pretty safe, popular area. The gift I received weighed two grams and had a pleasant, sweet scent. Although it looked ok, I noticed it was so dry, I could grind it into powder just by squeezing the buds between my fingers. They didn't know the strain, weight, or anything about the flower. They really insisted that it was a gift; “why you being so choosy?” they said. The cannabis came in a small, clear plastic box that was a little frustrating to open because it was wrapped with a vinyl sticker (this is apparently supposed to be a commemorative souvenir but also reads, “do not remove any stickers” which is funny because you have to remove the sticker in order to open the box). The box also said, “not for human consumption.” I rolled a joint regardless. After sparking one up, I can confirm this is the real stuff, it certainly has some THC content. I think maybe it's a hybrid, who knows (not Wash Hydro)! It did smoke pretty rough, and the words, "not for human consumption" kept popping up in my head. I'm certainly not planning on making this my main weed contact, because I don't like smoking random greens, not knowing how it's going to affect me. However, in a thirsty pinch, sure. If your friends have had a few drinks at happy hour at one of the many AdMo bars, and then someone mentions they would like to take a toke, yup, hit up Wash Hydro.