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Storefront Review: Street Lawyer Services

Storefront Review: Street Lawyer Services

True story, I had known about Lonny ‘cause he's the lawyer that represented a friend of mine that was looking at a 10-year mandatory minimum sentence for distribution of large amounts of cannabis in Maryland a few years back. Lonny got my man out in less than six months. Lonny got mad respect from the block for that one. I was telling another buddy about him, and she was like, "yeah, I know that guy, I heard him on the radio." Turns out Lonny The Street Lawyer is on DC101 for a weekly call-in radio show. Hmm, so who is this Lonny guy?

Lonny Bramzon is a high profile criminal defense attorney in the DMV area, and quite the character. The dude is as ripped as he is loud and brash, but a good guy with a reputation for giving away joints. But enough about Lonny, let's get to his shop, Street Lawyer Services on Georgia Avenue near Howard University. The shop is on the 2nd floor, above the classic local recording studios, Listen Vision, a few blocks north of U Street, between Euclid and Fairmont Streets. The shop is a marketing office for Lonny's law office. They sell legal coupons redeemable for actual legal services, that also come with free cannabis gifts.

Ok, so this is where Street Lawyer Services (SLS) stands out above all other gifting services in the district. SLS has the best cannabis selection process. As soon as you walk in you will realize it's a very different experience from most DC cannabis gifters. First the "SLS Girls" are friendly and helpful. They let you open any of the glass jars and look at and smell the cannabis flower. I've seen up to 15 different strains, some so exotic they haven't been properly profiled online yet. The jars are all colorfully labeled with the name of the strain and if it's an indica, sativa, or hybrid. They also have a selection of THC edibles, like gummies, jellies, chocolates, honey, and cookies.

The gifts can be selected depending on the value of the legal coupon you purchase. There's a 50, 60 and 75 dollar price point on all the products, and the jars contain 3 grams of loose flower buds. I wanted to try some of the sativa strains so I could do some creative work later, so I was happy to find some at each price point. After purchasing the legal coupons, I received a bag with my gift of three jars and was offered a free Forbidden Fruit pre-roll by Amala of the SLS Girls. I noticed that they have a recycling program that will give you a free jar of premium cannabis for loyal customers that bring back jars.

The selection was amazing. An almost dizzying amount of options, but I settled for some Sour Dawg, Alpha Blue, and Jackpot strains at each of the price points. They all look good, but I could also see how the more expensive strains had more visible crystals with richer terpine profiles. It was time to put these buds to the test and twist up a few. I should mention that unlike most storefronts, SLS doesn't carry any paraphernalia. They don't sell grinders, papers, vape pens, or CBD products.

I definitely already felt like this is the best location in DC terms of quality of options and ease of transaction, but after having sampled their products I can highly recommend SLS to D.C. regulars and visitors alike. They were each great strains with fantastic flavors. This is the kind of quality weed that I've only before seen in boutique cannabis shops in LA or Denver. I spent my budget on flower gifts, but I'm going back to sample some edibles next week.

409 H St. NE, Washington, D.C. 20002 / (202)-808-0876

Open every day noon-8pm