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Storefront Review: Funky Piece

Storefront Review: Funky Piece

I'm not gonnpa' lie, I was a bit nervous walking into Funky Piece on the southern end of Adams Morgan, "across the street from the tennis courts." I had recommended Funky Piece to a friend recently that was looking to try a new gifting storefront. He went over and got ID'd (check) and walked up to the counter. He told me he hadn't even said a word when the attendant told him there was no gifting, no cannabis, no nothing. Confused, my buddy asked how come he had seen Funky Piece listed on a gifting website. They said they don't know nothing about no site. So obviously my buddy felt awkward af for getting rejected for a gift. (Awww, poor guy.) I also felt like a bama for suggesting it.

That unfortunate anecdote aside, I wanted to give Funky Piece another chance. I guess it's cause the store has a pretty cool look from the outside, and they often change up their glass storefront display on the outside, and also have a nice selection of glass on the inside. That makes them feel like they are solidly a part of the Green Light District, the nickname lovingly given to the Adams Morgan neighborhood. Well now that I have visited, I can report back a much more chill experience.

I was worried about having to deal with an untrained, unfriendly staff after what my buddy had told me. Fortunately, the security was cool, and the staff was helpful. When I asked if they do any gifting, I was told I could buy a comic book for $20 and get a 1 gram gift. I could also buy a book for $25 and get a big preroll of cannabis flower ready to spark. Ok, I had to try both these options, and tax was included in the price, so handing of exact change was easy enough. I checked, and they also take plastic for payments, as long as plastic still means credit cards and not bitcoin.

I picked The H.A.R.D. CORPS comic book which pictures a red team fighting a blue team underwater in a scuba harpoon battle royal. Sure enough about a gram of THC cannabis flower was placed as a gift in my bag with the comic book. As friendly as the staff was, they could only say it was about a gram and had no other information other than to say, "it's a hybrid." So, not very informative, and you certainly can not choose your gift. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I got home and got a look at the flower. This bud had a good smell, and had a good overall look, it wasn't overly dry, so I wanted to see how it hit. I was set, but they did seem to have a great selection of papers and things, including some CBD gummies.

The bud, whatever it was, had a good flavor profile and decent THC level, because my friends and I enjoyed it. Although it's really important I clarify: we enjoyed the single gram of loose cannabis flower that comes in the mylar bag, but we did NOT enjoy the preroll. I mean, I don't want to be snobby, like the joint was smokeable, no doubt, but it's not even close to the level of loose weed these same folks provide. I would advise against picking up a pre-roll unless you're in a pinch and need a puff before you head to the train station on your way out of town, and don't want to buy some papers and roll your own.

2116 18th Street NW Washington, DC / (202)-506-3060

Monday-Thursday: 10AM-9PM

Friday & Saturday: 10AM-10PM

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