October 24, 2023 // UrbanAroma Staff

Recreational DC Weed Delivery Service

With recreational weed on the rise in DC, the gifting economy has paved the way for safer and easier ways to obtain cannabis through DC weed delivery services for tourists and residents.

The passing of I71 has given all those who prefer their dry flower hand delivered the right to receive the gift of weed brought to them. Blessings on blessings.

Residents who are familiar with and knowledgeable of I71 don’t seem to have issues getting their DC weed, but for tourists, questions arise, daily. Where do I get my DC weed? Can I get my weed delivered to my hotel in DC? The list goes on.

We want to answer those questions so that tourists can feel right at home here in DC.

What is Initiative 71 we keep hearing about?

In February 2015, Initiative 71 was passed with the intention of home cultivation. But as with many laws, there’s ways to get around just growing weed in your home for your personal use. With I71 you still cannot sell or exchange marijuana, but you can give it away.

How is anyone able to make a business out of giving away DC weed? Many tourists may still be confused, so to clarify… the gifting process requires the purchase of an item such as a hat or t-shirt, and as a result you get your DC weed along with your purchase, as a gift.

Are pop-up events for weed in DC tourist friendly?

For those visiting DC, pop-up events may be on their list of things to do while here. What we want to suggest to those who are not DC locals, pop-up events in DC are geared more towards locals and it is advised for tourists to find an alternative route for obtaining DC weed.

Pop-up events have been known to get raided and that’s not what we want anyone visiting DC to be involved in.

So, how can one get DC dry flower while in town?

Recreational DC weed delivery service, is the answer

DC Weed Delivery Infographic

Recreational DC weed delivery service will deliver to any DC address that is not federal property. Hotels? You betcha.

It is important for tourists passing through to know that there still is the requirement of being 21 years of age or older. Being asked to present a valid photo ID is the norm when dealing with a reputable marijuana delivery service in DC.

Most companies that deliver only take cash. Scammers have ruined the right to use credit cards. Much appreciated.

Finding a trusted recreational DC weed delivery service is easy

If you’re still confused on how to find a reputable and trusted delivery service for weed while in DC, our directory is the best answer.

We have conjured up a directory of companies that offer delivery services of DC weed. We did all the weeding out (see what I did there) of bad DC weed delivery services that have not been so trustworthy so you know which are the best and most trusted deliveries in Washington DC.


Whether you have lived in DC your whole life or just visited and used our directory for DC weed delivery, let us know your experience in the comment section!