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RDM Cannabis Club Review (Barcelona)

RDM Cannabis Club Review (Barcelona)
When it comes to large cannabis clubs in Barcelona, RDM is in the top three. RDM is a co-sign only club, meaning that you have to know someone who is a member of the club to get in. You won't be able to find an invitation online, so don’t bother trying. RDM’s service standards are by far the best in the business. Club members can expect to be treated to perks from time to time, including things like free breakfast, lunch or dinner, smoothie days, THC cocktails, DJ sessions and more. When I visited, club employees were walking around with handing out paper plates and offering trays of chicken wings for members to snack on. The place feels like a chill resort for cannabis smokers.

Spacious and Impressive

I've been to tons of cannabis clubs, but I haven't seen many as big as RDM. The dispensary and lounge are on the top floor, and downstairs there's a rec room and a VIP dab bar, which includes the biggest hand-blown glass water pipe collection I've ever seen. This place is crazy big. The RDM dispensary is diverse and well curated. The menu has it all, and isn't overly expensive. Every strain and category is displayed in a glass case. The pre-roll selection includes a variety of blunts and joints, with some offerings rolled in distillate and coated in kief… amazing. The budtender took his time to answer all my questions, smiling the entire time. He recommended I try some Dosidos bubble hash that was pure cream. For flower, he suggested I try a triple A SFV OG backcross. I splurged on both, plus a Girl Scout Cookie pre-rolled blunt coated in Dosidos wax and kief.

An Abundance of Fun

RDM boasts the largest recreational area of any club i’ve been to. They have a pool table, ping pong table, darts and a PS4. The insane Italian Murano glass collection is curated by @chileanglass. Some of the pipes are for sale, but most of the glasswork pieces are collectors items, like the beautiful Jordan-inspired dab rigs. If heaven were a smokers lounge, it would look like this cannabis club. Menu: 5/5 stars Budtender: 5/5 stars Lounge: 5/5 stars Decor: 4/5 stars RDM Barcelona