Strains & Reviews // March 5, 2021 // Ephrata

Rainbow Sherbet 11 Strain Review

Rainbow Sherbet 11 Strain Review

Gifted Curators offers “DC weed at its finest.” One of our cannabis connoisseurs, Kush-n-Pain, is sampling legendary strains from Gifted Curators to review for Urban Aroma readers. Read on for Kush-n-Pain’s review of Rainbow Sherbet 11.

Rainbow Sherbet 11

There are occasions when one comes across the truly unique. I have opened many a flower sack for the first time to inhale the deliciocities of citrus, fuels, berries, earth tones and woodsy florals amongst others. However I have not known the aroma of this strain before, at least not associated with marijuana: new white rubber shoe...?!? Yup! Upon a second long, slow sniff a spicy-sweet fermented fruity floor cleaner aroma comes through. The beautiful buds are a mostly deep green with purple frosted by trichomes with reddish hairs sticking out all over the place. These nugs are dense. Many a farmer dreams of producing such high-quality flower.

Two Tokes Test

An attack of spices takes the lead. I can only get about three seconds of succulents and it occurs to me to stop pulling the chillum and start getting a fresh air chaser or CCSOY (coughing, choking, snotting on yo'self). The exhale delivers berries and woodsy clay. The second taste is like the prior. The head is almost immediate, but its power is a gentle giant. Time passes smoothly and I am feeling conversational and upbeat. My high is full and complete. Total head high with some extracurriculars about my ears and nose region. Also, I'm experiencing this throughout my endocannabinoid system and body. Medical fer sure man... I turned 54 today, and am practicing standing on my hands while taking a pause from writing this... 'nuff said.

The Breakdown

Of course such a consummate cultivar has a labyrinthine lineage. It is a Doja x Deo Farms Wizard Trees project. The flowers chosen are OZK GuavaV2 x Sunset Sherbet. It takes more than 8 strains to create Sunset Sherbet. I wasn't able to track the two parents of OZKush, an 70% indica-dominant plant by Wonderbrett. The GuavaV2 is Gelato, and that involves Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbet.

Cannabinoids (approx.)

  • THC: + 27%
  • CBD: 0.17%

The total cannabinoids tested at 32.41 offering a plus 3% to terpenes.

Terpenes (approx.)

  • Caryophyllene
  • Myrcene
  • Limonene
  • Linalool
  • Pinene

Other than the obvious peppery caryophyllene (immune booster) and earthy myrcene (muscle relaxer), limonene (citrus), linalool (floral) and pinene are the probable main essential oils.

Final Hit

I find Rainbow Sherbet 11 to be both tasty and fun. Not only is she a joy to behold, she also cooks. First RS11 quickly fried my mind and then placed me in an oven for an EZ Bake. Cooking time is about 2.5 hours. Rating: On the Ephrata 1-10 Scale I give this a 9.7 because of the "I want more now" factor.