Strains & Reviews // December 16, 2020 // UrbanAroma Staff

Leafly Names Runtz as 2020 Strain of the Year

Leafly Names Runtz as 2020 Strain of the Year
After running the numbers on user reviews and sales figures, monitoring industry trends, and factoring in key cultural impacts of cannabis in 2020, the cannabis website Leafly has named the hybrid Runtz as 2020 Strain of the Year! "All across the nation, this fresh hybrid won over the masses with its gorgeous trichomes, phenomenal aroma, and potent effects," writes the Leafly team. Runtz won top honors following an independent review process that included search trends, product availability, awards, and expert analysis.

Candy, Grapes and Gas

Top cannabis cultivator Jason Gellman, founder of Ridgeline Farms, won the coveted Emerald Cup in 2019 with Runtz. He refers to the smell of Runtz as something “like no other strain I’ve ever grown.” He describes its aroma as a syrupy berry cream with plenty of gassy notes. Runtz flowers purple and pink in the summer, with shades that go as deep as black-purple in the fall. “It looks amazing, it smells like candy, grapes, and gas,” Gellman tells Leafly. The sedative effects of this hybrid lean more toward an indica, with a flavor similar to Gelato. It offers a heavy body high, with mellow vibes.

The Brand Behind the Buds

Runtz is thought to be a cross of award-winning strains Gelato and Zkittlez. According to Berner, the rapper and weed impresario behind the Cookies brand, the original Runtz genetics focused on its purple candy taste, bag appeal, aroma, and flavor. The delicious strain, coupled with a marketing push from Cookies, led to its dominance. “I knew Runtz would work,” Berner tells Leafly. “One of the owners, Ray, came up around me and understands the recipe that made Cookies what it is. "It’s not different than Alexander Wang droppin’ a shirt. Or Supreme. We’re like that of the weed... it’s just like going shopping for clothes.” Check out the full story about Runtz being named the 2020 Strain of the Year, and let us know what you think of this hot new strain!