Features // March 5, 2021 // Annie Gallo

Koala Puffs and Weavers Visit Gifted Curators

Koala Puffs and Weavers Visit Gifted Curators

Cannabis enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike traveled from as far as Pennsylvania to meet Koala Puffs and Weavers at Gifted Curators last Saturday. Folks braved the cold, showing up as early as 7:00 a.m. to wait in line outside to meet cannabis creator, influencer, entertainer and entrepreneur Koala Puffs and creative joint-rolling artist Weavers. Weavers is known for his exquisite custom functional joints. He spent his time in Gifted Curators touching up a project he was working on for the team, and meeting fans. Check out the artistic smokable joints that Weavers crafted:

Koala Puffs is what you would call a ganjapreneur, with her own Koality cannabis brand and CBD gummies available at Gifted Curators. She also has her merchandise lineA huge number of DMV denizens make up some of Koala’s 681K Instagram followers, and they were ecstatic to hear the news of her coming to town. Alex Larson is one of those fans. Larson is a cannabis enthusiast, a loyal Gifted Curators customer, and the founder of the Facebook group Pothead Cannabis Community with over 6,500 members. He traveled from Frederick, Maryland for the event and had a great time.He expressed to Urban Aroma his gratefulness for Gifted Curators hiring an ASL interpreter for the event, as he is deaf. “Koala was amazing and sweet,” Larson wrote.

Good Vibes with Fun Folks

Everyone who met Koala walked away with an autographed poster and a pre-roll, and many bought an eighth of her Koality OG Puffs bud. Dozens of fans hung out with Koala and Weavers after the meet and greet to smoke, according to Larson.Koala and Weavers even generously gave out cannabis flower and edibles to fans. I was lucky enough to get a jar of her Koality OG Puffs. The label says it tests at 32% THC; it's the strongest cannabis I’ve ever consumed, to my knowledge. I was in an amazing, focused mood after smoking, and would highly recommend Koality bud to smokers who can get their hands on it. Needless to say, the weekend was a success. Koala was as delightful as her Instagram makes her out to be, and everyone I saw walking away had a smile on their face.