Cannabis 101 // September 3, 2020 // UrbanAroma Staff

How To Store Weed Properly

How To Store Weed Properly

When it comes to how you choose to store your weed, you've got several different options. However, there are some key precautions to be taken if you want your weed to stay flavorful, sticky and potent. One is keeping your cannabis at a perfect and constant level of specific humidity. You don't want your weed to get too dried out, and you also don't want it to get too moist.

If your weed dries out, it becomes brittle. This can affect the trichomes of the weed, along with its terpenes and flavor, and makes for a much harsher, less potent smoke. If you allow your weed to sweat in a hot, humid environment, it can get moldy. Smoking moldy weed not only tastes bad — it can also make you sick.

How Long Will Weed Stay Good?

Whether you use weed to get high and relax, or if you're a medical patient, you should know how long your weed will last when stored properly. For cannabis to stay good for the longest time possible, it needs to be dried and cured properly, and you should store it in a cool, dark place. Most weed will maintain its flavor and potency for six months to a year when properly stored. It can even stay good for far longer, depending on how you choose to store it.

What Is The Ideal Temperature For Weed Storage?

Mold and mildew can form on cannabis if it's stored between 77° and 86° F. Storing your weed at cooler temperatures in a dark place is the safest bet. It can take months for cannabinoids and terpenes of the weed to go stale. Excessive heat will dry out your weed and its aromatic oils, making your weed taste harsh. That's one reason behind a weed smoker's cough — they're smoking cannabis that's old and dried out.

It's also important to not store your weed at a temperature that is too low. No one wants their weed to be cold! Think of cannabis as a fine cigar — it needs to be kept in a controlled environment, and treated with care.

Controlling The Relative Humidity Of Stored Weed

It can be a bit of a balancing act to keep the humidity level of your stored weed at the proper level. The relative humidity (RH) level is best kept at between 59% and 63% if you want your weed to keep its color, aroma, consistency, and flavor.

If you keep the RH level below 65%, it reduces the chances for mold and mildew, but if the RH level drops too low, it can damage the trichomes by drying out their essential oil.

Control The Light Your Weed Is Exposed To

Have you ever noticed the grass in your yard turning dry and brown during a long, hot summer? This is what can happen to your weed when it's exposed to harmful UV rays. UV rays break down organic material. A study conducted at the University of London during the 1970s concluded that light was the biggest contributor to the degradation of cannabinoids. The study also showed that when stored under correct conditions, cannabinoids could maintain their stability for up to two years. Keeping your weed stored in the dark will help control temperature as well.

Cannabis Storage and Air Control

Cannabis must have enough oxygen while it grows and cures. It is also crucial that it has the correct amount of air while it is stored. The perfect amount of air during storage will help keep your weed fresh and in its original form. If the stored weed doesn't get enough air, it can affect the RH level, especially if the buds haven't been dried and cured correctly before they are stored. On the other hand, if the weed is exposed to too much air, it can speed up the degradation process, and damage the cannabinoids and terpenes.

Best Storage Containers

Glass Jars

Glass jars are a top choice for weed storage. You can use the size jar that best suits the amount of weed you have on hand. You should pack enough weed in the jar so that there isn't a lot of air space. Make sure it's got an airtight lid, whether it's a screw-on lid, or one with a seal and a metal flip-lock. You can also buy hand pumps or and electric vacuum pump attachments meant for canning, which can help you get air out of your glass jar.

Clear glass jars aren't as good as dark-colored glass jars because they don't block light. If you use clear glass, store it in a cool, dark place. Air will get into the jar when it is opened and closed, so minimize the number of times you open the jar, if possible.

Metal Containers

Some people use metal storage cans. This is fine — but remember, the lid must be airtight. The most-recommended metal for weed storage is titanium, which won't alter the flavor of the weed or give it a metallic taste like some metals can. Just like with glass, you still need to keep the container in a cool, dark place.

Smell-Proof Cannabis Bags

These bags can be purchased small enough for just a little weed storage. They're made from a specially designed smell-proof plastic. Smell-proof bags can also come in sizes resembling anything from a clutch handbag to a small backpack. Many are lined with charcoal to prevent odor from seeping out. Some larger bags come with locks to keep out prying eyes and fingers.

Stash Boxes

Many people like to keep their weed and all of their accessories in one place. A stash box is a perfect solution. It can have many compartments that hold your lighter, papers, small pies, etc. The weed is usually kept in individual glass or metal containers. You can have one container, or several to store different strains of weed in. You can make your own stash box, buy one ready-made, or have one custom made. The same rules apply to when it comes to keeping the weed in airtight containers: away from light and in a cool place.

Ways That Are Not Recommended For Storing Weed


Many people will keep their weed in a jar or tin in a refrigerator because it is cool and usually dark. While this might be fine for very short term storage, long term is not a good idea. A refrigerator can have fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels that can increase the chance of mold. If a refrigerator is used, it is best to vacuum seal completely. Allow the weed to come up to room temperature before opening up the container.


The trichomes of weed will become brittle and break off when frozen. Vacuum sealing is essential if you do freeze your weed and keep it frozen. Freezing your weed can ruin the flavor. Always allow cold weed to return to room temperature before re-opening.

Regular Plastic Bags And Containers

Plastic can have a static charge that may attract trichomes. Plastic should only be used for very short-term storage and for very small quantities. A smell-proof bag specially designed for weed storage is a much better choice.

Things That Give Off Heat

Never store your weed near electric appliances, heaters, hot water heaters, or anything that emits heat. Storing on a high-up closet shelf can be a bad idea, because heat rises. Make sure the room is kept cool if you store the weed up high. A basement or lower cupboard shelf is preferable.

Tobacco Humidors

Using a humidor that is specially designed for marijuana is one thing, but using a humidor that is designed for tobacco is not a good idea. Marijuana and tobacco are two entirely different plant types. Tobacco humidors are often made from cedar, and your weed could absorb the flavor and oils of the wood. Sometimes they may also use sponges that use propylene glycol to regulate the humidity. This could cause your weed to become oversaturated.

Separate Weed From Other Paraphernalia

It's not advisable to leave your weed out in the open on a tray, especially if it's near pipes or other accessories that have a stale smell and residue from previous uses. Stash boxes are good because the weed is kept in its own storage container and can't absorb the smell and flavor of your used accessories. Even if you keep your weed in separate containers, it's still best to always keep your pipes and other accessories clean to help prevent odors.