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How To Host A Weed Party

How To Host A Weed Party

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Weed at parties is nothing new. What is new is that weed is now legal in many places — 1 in 3 Americans lives in a state with adult-use cannabis laws! If you and your friends love weed and are lucky enough to live in a state where it is legal, then why not host a spectacular party to celebrate? No more sneaking out the back door to smoke, or standing watch at the window to make sure the cops aren't showing up because of a nosy neighbor. Since weed has become legal for recreational use in 15 states, it can be an entirely new party theme.

Weed Party Guest List

As the host, how the party goes is all up to you. Weed will be the star. If you invite guests that don't use cannabis, consider their preferences as well. You should decide how you want to cater only to your weed-friendly acquaintances, and have treats on hand for the guests that don't smoke too. Obviously, don't invite anyone who's anti-weed. (And you may want to entirely reconsider your friendships with folks who are against cannabis!)

For your weed-loving guests, figure out which cannabis options  you want to have available. You can provide flower, dabs, edibles, and accessories like rolling papers, grinders, vaporizers, and so on. When it comes to alcohol, we recommend just saying no. If you do want to offer libations, stick with beer and wine, and stay away from hard liquor. Cannabis and alcohol don't mix.

People who smoke weed are generally easy-going. However, when people mix weed and alcohol, it can create problems. That's the last thing you want. You want to be the host that can still have a good time, not be the party babysitter! However, since you're the host or hostess, you should make sure people don't get too intoxicated.

Theme or No Theme?

Think about the friends you're inviting. Do they like things a little quirky and offbeat? If so, you might be able to pull off something a little more on the wild side, but if they are reserved types, then you can make your party a bit more... mellow.

Hosting a weed party for a Halloween, New Year's Eve, or July 4th celebration makes for an easy theme. If it's a party for a birthday, anniversary, or bachelor/ bachelorette party, your options are wide open. It can be casual or formal, costumed or not. Just think about what your guests would enjoy — like party games maybe!

Weed Party Food Options

When people get high, they get the munchies! And there are definite stoner favorites. You just need to provide plenty of them. Some people enjoy savory things like pizza and pasta, and chips, dips, and salsa. Others love cookies, candy, and ice cream.

This is why you want to make sure you have a spread with many choices. Providing finger foods is always great, so guests can pick and choose a few morsels at a time. Snacking from a well-stocked buffet when you're stoned is the greatest thing in the world.

Favorite weed buffet food choices can include BBQ chicken wings, spicy meatballs, chopped veggies, mini sandwiches and sliders. If you want to provide a more elaborate buffet, Chinese, Mexican, and Italian dishes are great choices. Inquiring what your guests like to eat will let you know where to start with a buffet menu. Providing weed edibles is fine, but you don't want people over-indulging. Make sure those options are marked clearly as "Infused." It's probably best to keep the food cannabis free for the most part.

Beverages are important too! Hydration is essential. Have water, seltzer, soda, tea, lemonade, punch, fruit juices, and any other drinks you think your guests will enjoy.

Who's Bringing The Weed?

This is where you can make a critical choice in how well your weed party goes. Are you going to be the sole provider of all of the goodies? That can be an excellent way to ensure you have a great turnout. Of course, that decision depends on the size of your guest list and your budget.

You can make it a bring-your-own event. Most people don't mind bringing their own weed just as most people aren't deterred by a BYO alcohol party. At least they know they will have their own options.

You can also make it a weed party where everyone adds to the party stash — especially if your friends have great weed. You plan the party, provide the venue, and tend to the rest of the details, and friends can supply the goodies. This is where the weed menu options can get a bit more diversified, with a mix of sativa, indica, and hybrid strains. Strains provide different effects for different people — avid weed smokers know which type they prefer, but if you have weed newbies attending, then you should enlighten them on what effects they might get from a particular strain.

Setting The Weed Party Environment

When it comes to setting the mood for your party, keeping the music chill is a great choice. Genres like soft pop, classics, and a sprinkle of new stuff will ensure everyone will hear music they like. Having your playlist set up and ready to go is ideal. If you're throwing a big party, consider hiring a DJ.

If you have space, it's good to have a central gathering area where people can hang out, and maybe dance. Setting up your weed bar in a separate room where guests can go to smoke is also a nice touch. Keep the lights low and soothing. Provide some type of ventilation to prevent too much smoke build-up in consideration for those that might not smoke.

People always gravitate to the kitchen for some reason, so your food spread can be placed in the kitchen, or even a dining room if you have one. Having different areas set for different things can help keep your guests moving around and mingling.

When The Party's Over

Any responsible host or hostess knows you can't let people drive when they are intoxicated. You need a plan to make sure people get home safely. Try to have space for a few guests to stay over if they can't get home. Have the local bus schedule on hand, and be prepared to call an Uber or a taxi for friends. You can also enlist a few designated drivers to be available beforehand. You want to make sure everyone has a wonderful time, and gets home safely.