September 5, 2020 // UrbanAroma Staff

How To Hide Weed

Even though 33 states have legalized marijuana use for medicinal purposes, and 11 states have legalized cannabis for adult use,  the need to keep your weed in a safe hiding place might be still necessary. You may have children or pets in the home, or a roommate who'll raid your stash unless you secure it. Even if weed is legal where you live, you should still keep it in a safe place.

Hiding Weed From Children And Pets

Stashing your weed on a tray underneath the sofa or the bed isn't going to keep it safe from kids or pets. They're always smarter than you think. Keep your weed under lock and key, and out of reach. Invest in a combination stash box, and keep it in a cool, dark place away from little fingers and sniffing noses (pets and kids alike)!

Hiding Weed From Family And Friends

No matter how well you may think you know your family or friends, if you leave your weed out in an accessible place, it may only be a matter of time until you discover your entire stash is gone. In this case, a simple lockbox, even with a combination, may not do you much good if someone can walk off with the whole box.

Don't stash your weed in obvious places like on a closet shelf, or (God forbid) in the refrigerator. And don't tell friends where your hiding place is. Keep your stash spot out of sight — never hide it in a spot where you have to access it in front of them, even if it takes you a little longer to get to it yourself.

Hiding Your Weed Stash Underground

This can be a good way to hide your weed stash if it's a large one. If you're growing your own cannabis, you may have a big enough crop that you need to protect it by burying it in a container underground. However, keep in mind that the temperature and humidity will affect your weed.

Generally, it is advised to keep your marijuana's Relative Humidity (RH) level at around 59 to 63%. Too far below this recommendation can cause your weed to become dry and brittle and damage the trichomes. Too far above this recommended level can cause it to become moldy.

If you decide to bury your stash underground, you might want to bury small quantities in different containers so you don't need to dig it all up at once. You'll need to bury it deep enough so that the temperature is sure to be consistent, and it must be in airtight containers so no moisture can get in. Although storing a large cache of weed underground might be good for temperature control, it's definitely not convenient.

Stashing Your Weed When Traveling

Concealing your weed when you're traveling, especially if you're in a state where weed is still illegal, is a priority. There are cops to consider — especially if they have a drug dog with them. And there's always the threat of breaking down on the road and running into someone who might take advantage of the situation and rob you. For all these reasons, you might want to use one of these spots to conceal your weed in your vehicle.

Behind A Hubcap – If you have removable hubcaps on your tires, it's easy enough to pop one off ,and use duct tape to secure a bag or small tin of weed behind it. Make sure it's airtight and moisture proof.

In A Fake Water Bottle – There are plenty of products designed to protect your valuables while you're on the go — and what's more valuable than your weed? Google "diversion safes" or "concealment cans" and you'll find tons of products that look like a water bottle or a thermos with a secret compartment perfect for storing cannabis.

Secret Compartment – All vehicles have face-plates or other things that can be popped off fairly easily. Just look over your car's interior and see if you can find a nice hiding spot.

Spare Tire Cover – If you have a sporty vehicle with an exposed spare tire on the back, they usually have a cover over them. You can tape your stash on the inside of the cover and then securely place it back over the tire.

Under The Glove Compartment – Many people may not know it, but when you look inside your glove box, you can generally get underneath it. This can be a great place to hide your stash because it has to be taken apart to gain access.

Outside The Gas Tank: Many cars today have a gas tank flap that must be unlocked from the inside of the car to put your gas in. Storing a small quantity of weed outside of the gas tank securely in an airtight bag and then closing the flap can be a good spot. Just remember to stop and remove it before your stop at a gas station.

The Tongue Of Tennis Shoes – If you have an old pair of sneakers that have a double-layered tongue, slipping a small amount of bagged weed inside a slit cut on the underside of the tongue can mean you can keep your little stash close at hand.

Of course, there are plenty of other places you might discover a good hiding spot for your stash, whether it's in your home or on the road. Be creative and think outside the (stash) box!