May 17, 2020 // UrbanAroma Staff

How To Get Rid Of Weed Smell After Smoking

Smoking weed in your house can leave behind an unmistakable pungent odor that lingers. Getting rid of weed odor in your home can be tricky, but it’s not impossible.

Whether you smoke cannabis for recreational reasons or for medicinal purposes, you may have to smoke inside to be discreet so your neighbors don’t know your business. If you do, you’ll want to know about how to get the weed smell out of your house — there are several ways.

Weed smell can be gotten rid of with air purifiers, room sprays, or ozone generators, and it can be masked by other things like incense. Let's look at a few options.


Burning incense has long been used to mask the smell of weed — it’s a cliché that hippies always have Nag Champa smoldering. It does help cover up weed smoke to some extent, but it doesn't really get rid of the smell. If you’re not concerned about the smell of weed smoke, incense might do the trick for you.

Incense can be purchased in a variety of scents: sandalwood, lavender, lemon, orange, rose, and so many more.

One of the drawbacks of using incense is that it creates more smoke in the room. When you already have a weed-smoke-filled room, you might not want the added smoke of burning incense. On the plus side, incense smells really good.


Unlike other air fresheners, Febreze can actually help to remove and eliminate odor instead of covering it up. Febreze can be purchased in a variety of scents.

Febreze makes odor eliminators for the air, and for fabrics.

When you smoke weed, the odor can cling to your clothes, and to furniture and curtains in your home. A few sprays of Febreze on fabrics can help them smell clean and fresh again. You can also get Febreze plugins for electric outlets.

The plugins continuously release a fresh scent in the air. You can buy refills for the plugins, and change out the scents you use in them.

Ozium Spray

Ozium was first used to help eliminate airborne germs and bacteria in places like hospitals, nursing homes, and doctors’ offices.

It purifies, deodorizes, and sanitizes the air. Ozium can be very effective in helping to get rid of the smell of weed better than ordinary air fresheners.

When you use Ozium, it's important to not breathe it directly. The same can be said of any air freshener like Febreze and others. The ability to eliminate airborne germs and bacteria might be an extra plus of using Ozium if you smoke weed for medicinal purposes.

Ozone Generator

Although an ozone generator is fairly effective at helping to remove weed or tobacco smoke odors in the air, using one can be a little tricky, and it requires a lot of caution.

Ozone is a gas. The oxygen that we breathe is made up of two molecules. Ozone has three oxygen atoms. The ozone that the generator creates can actually be very harmful to us to breathe and can even cause death. It actually breaks down organic matter.

This means if the source of your odor is from something organic, ozone breaks it down. So it actually eliminates odors by changing the chemical makeup of the smoke particles and odor-causing agents.

The only way to use an ozone generator is to never be present in the room that is being deodorized.

Ozone generators are no joke: the room that you're using one in must not be occupied by anything that you want to remain alive, whether that's people, plants, or animals. Restoration companies use them to kill mold in homes, and to eliminate the smoke smell from a housefire.

Yeah, they are that powerful. But with power comes responsibility.

If you happen to have a dedicated smoke room, most modern ozone generators have timers that you can set and walk out after finished. Run it for a half-hour and wait an hour before entering the room again.

Ozone generators are incredibly effective, but be careful if you choose this route, and make sure you follow safety rules and advice from the manufacturer.


Ionizers have mixed reviews as to their safety. Some say that ionizers are completely safe, while others question the safety of breathing ionized air. An ionizer releases negatively charged ions into the air, and these ions bond with contaminants, which helps to eliminate them.

Ionizers differ from air purifiers because air purifiers use HEPA filters that trap contaminates. Ionizers do a good job of removing strong odors that can come from weed smoke, tobacco smoke, and even animal smells.