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How To Fly With Weed On A Plane (The Right Way)

How To Fly With Weed On A Plane (The Right Way)

Flying with weed on a plane is simple and easy, if it is done the right way. If you have recently booked a trip outta town and you’re hoping to bring your personal stash along with you, continue reading this article to become an expert at traveling with weed.

Can you bring weed on a plane?

It’s safe to say we’ve all heard of TSA (Transportation Security Administration), they can be pretty intimidating while going through airport security. But I’ll bet you didn’t know they are a fairly new organization put together in 2001 after 9/11. With that being said, TSA is primarily looking for actual threats to airports and monitoring the safety of passengers. Meaning, they’ve got bigger fish to fry than your personal stash of hash. Know this prior to packing for your flight. You will get past airport security and TSA with weed packed in your carry on. When your luggage is being scoped passing through the x-ray scanner, the items in your bag show up but the contents inside do not. The TSA will only raise question and move through with a search of your carryon if they see what appears to be a possible threat. (Pro Tip: water bottles are not safe to contain your weed in.)

How does TSA handle marijuana?

It might seem a little scary to pack your carryon with weed, but let’s run through this real quick: The TSA is a federal organization but they do not have any authority to make an arrest or even write a ticket. If there is a chance your bag was flagged and searched and your weed was found, TSA would make the decision of whether or not they call law enforcement officials. Put this into perspective, it’s a ton of extra work for all parties involved and let’s be honest, a bag of weed is not that high on the list for TSA. weed will not show on an xray Now, it is important to note here that if you packed your weed to fly on a plane with your torch lighter, your bag will be flagged for the torch lighter and you could get busted that way. NEVER, ever pack your weed with any items that are not permitted i.e; knives, bombs, guns.

How to bring weed on a plane

We’ve touched on the basics of how to fly with weed on a plane, but what’s important to take away from this prior to traveling with your cannabis, is that weed is illegal on a federal basis. With that being said, look into the marijuana laws of the cities you are to be traveling. Each state has different laws. If weed is legal for medical or recreational use such as states like California, Washington, Colorado, or Oregon, you have nothing to fear. Getting flagged for a bag of weed is extremely uncommon. We want to be clear it is highly recommended NOT to pack your weed in a bag that you will check under the plane. These bags go through a different process for security check and the process includes random searches. Nothing would blow your high more than to open your bag when you get to the resort only to find a confiscation letter in the place of your precious weed. how to bring weed on a plane Things to remember when flying with weed on a plane:

  • Always pack your weed in your carryon
  • Never pack in a checked bag
  • Always pack in a smell proof bag, especially if you got that loud
  • Never pack your weed with forbidden items that will not pass the x-ray
  • Never smoke on a plane

Yea, I had to say it for the dummy out there that lit a joint on the plane. Smoking anything of any sort (even a weed vape pen) is a sure fire way to get locked up. Just wait til you get to where you’re goin.

Flying with edibles and weed vape pens

The same set of guidelines apply for flying on a plane with baked goods, edibles, weed vape pens, cartridges, etc. Just be sure to pack it in your carryon. TSA would just think you had regular ole brownies or gummies if they saw them. And as for the weed vape pens, just be sure to refrain from hitting it on the plane. I know it can be second nature to some to puff the pen without even realizing so it’s important to note to just leave it be while you’re on the plane.

How to fly with weed on international flights

Taking a trip overseas? Want to bring your weed with you? Getting through customs in each country is something to be mastered in itself. Take extra special caution when flying with weed to different country. The same guidelines should apply as far as packing in your carryon goes. But be sure to do your research on the country you are visiting and the related weed laws. Note: countries that make it extremely difficult to get weed while you’re there (Dubai for example) have a serious issue with you bringing your own weed in. Do so at your own risk. Conclusion It can be a very simple, easy, hassle-free process for you to fly with weed on a plane. Keep in mind you want to do your research on the places to be traveled prior to packing your carryon with your personal weed. Know that flying with weed is done so at your own risk. You have the option of calling the airline you’re flying, anonymously, and asking their advice. You will find that a bag of weed on the plane is the least of their worries. Legal Disclaimer: This is friendly advice so take it as that and do your due diligence prior to packing for your trip. Safe travels and stay high!