Virginia Marijuana - How to Buy Weed in Virginia Safely (Updated)

With Virginia marijuana sales on the rise as more storefronts are opening, people need to know how to buy weed in Virginia safely. 

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Virginia has become the first southern state to legalize marijuana—but adult-use cannabis is not yet available for sale. The bill was approved by Governor Ralph Northam earlier this year, and by 2024 weed will be legal for adult-use sales. Currently, only medical sales are allowed. 

As of July 1, 2021, marijuana is legal for adults 21 and older to possess, consume and grow in Virginia. But unless a doctor has signed off on a prescription for medical marijuana, there’s no legal way to buy it. With a valid medical card, patients can legally purchase weed in VA for medical use from any licensed dispensary! But without a valid med card, you will be denied and possibly face fees for possession of Virginia weed.

So how do you know where and how to buy weed in Virginia without involving hefty fines and penalties? 

Keep reading to learn all about the latest Virginia marijuana laws, how to get a Virginia medical marijuana card, and the best three Virginia dispensaries to safely purchase Virginia marijuana from. 

Is Weed Legal in Virginia? - Everything on Virginia Marijuana Laws

is weed legal in virginia

Yes, weed is legal in Virginia. Only medical marijuana was legal as of the springtime of 2020. Recreational weed, a.k.a. adult-use cannabis has been permitted as of July 1st, 2021. The state of Virginia decriminalized weed in 2020, making it so that if you are caught with up to an ounce of weed, you are only charged a $25 fine, and it doesn’t go on your record. Anyone caught with a pound or more could possibly serve up to 10 years in prison and receive a $250,000 fine! 

Virginia Cannabis Laws Allow for Recreational Use

So is recreational weed legal in Virginia? On April 7th, 2021, the state’s Governor announced that as of July 1st, 2021, Virginia marijuana is legal to smoke, possess, cultivate, or be gifted in private. Virginia cannabis laws state that those 21 and over can possess up to one ounce of Virginia marijuana. As long as you're of age, you'll be able to legally smoke or consume weed for recreational use. Recreational marijuana laws in Virginia for adult sales are likely to be seen in the year 2024. If you’re looking for how to buy weed in Virginia, it’s recommended you obtain it medically from a Virginia dispensary.  

Virginia Marijuana Legalization Allowed Medical Dispensaries to Open

Due to the Virginia marijuana legalization that recently passed, licensed medical dispensaries are now certified to sell medical marijuana to qualifying patients. Several dispensaries opened up as soon as the bill was approved for medical and recreational use. Unfortunately, at this time, only VA medical marijuana is legal for sale, not recreational. But, if you qualify with a medical condition, you may be able to get your certification for a med card so that you can walk into any VA dispensary and purchase Virginia marijuana. 

Best Virginia Dispensaries of 2021

Can you buy weed in Virginia safely? Yes. Thanks to the new law, medical sales are now legal, allowing Virginia dispensaries to open. There are currently less than a dozen Virginia medical marijuana dispensaries, but we can expect many more to open up. 

If you have a valid medical card and are over 21, check out these new VA dispensaries. They are safe, legal storefronts that have been licensed to sell premium Virginia marijuana.

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Beyond/Hello Dispensary in VA

This Northern Virginia dispensary is located in Manassas, and has a high-quality cannabis selection. If you are looking for how to buy weed in Virginia safely, this is a wonderful dispensary in VA to visit. They have many flower options, vapes, edible gummies, and even pre-rolls. As a plus, they offer weed delivery within 24 hours with tracking! 

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RISE VA Dispensary 

This VA dispensary has a nice combination of CBD and THC products for their patients. If you prefer higher CBD content in your cannabis, this is your place. From tasty cannabis flower to delicious concentrate options, you will not be disappointed with this storefront.   

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gLeaf Richmond VA Dispensary

If you’re wondering how to buy weed in Virginia, this Richmond VA dispensary is a good option. It carries a great amount of flower strains and pre rolls to choose from. They also have a wide selection of concentrates for all you dab connoisseurs out there, and offer topicals for those looking for relaxing, soothing natural relief. 

Virginia Medical Marijuana

As of now, only Virginia medical marijuana is legally allowed for sale. Recreational weed in Virginia cannot be bought or sold until the legislation has been revised. Adult-use Virginia marijuana sales most likely will not be seen until the year 2024. 

In the state of Virginia, if you are under the age of 21 and are caught smoking or in possession of weed without a medical card, you will be fined $25. Unless you have a recommendation for medical marijuana in Virginia from a licensed doctor, you will have to attend a substance abuse and education program in state law. 

Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Virginia?

Yes, medical marijuana in Virginia is now legal. You may purchase up to 4 ounces of Virginia marijuana every 30 days.

When it comes to medical marijuana, you can be under the age of 18 to get it, but only with a parent or guardian acting on your behalf. To get a medical marijuana recommendation  in Virginia, you need to be a legal resident of the state and provide proof. Simply visit your doctor, and see if you have any qualifying conditions or ailments that medical marijuana can help with.

How to Get a Medical Card in Virginia

Medical marijuana can be purchased from any licensed dispensary in the state of Virginia. To get an MMC (medical marijuana card):

  1. You must have it prescribed by a state-licensed doctor. (They will let you know if you qualify for any underlying conditions or ailments)

  2. Wait for your certified card to be mailed to you. 

  3. You may then visit any VA dispensary to purchase cannabis. 

  4. Once you have a med card, you can check out our top three recommendations for best Virginia dispensaries above. 

When looking for how to buy weed in Virginia safely, you can also visit a trusted cannabis directory like Urban Aroma for the best sources for medical Virginia marijuana.

Unfortunately, Virginia currently does not accept out of state medical cards, so the only way for you to legally get weed in VA will be to obtain a patient medical card. 

Finding Edibles in Virginia

Are edibles legal in Virginia? Yes, you are allowed to purchase edibles as long as you have a valid medical card. There are actually quite a few places to buy edibles in Virginia. Most Virginia dispensaries carry some form of THC edibles. Look up the store of your choice, or choose from one of our top recommendations, and search through their menu. Chewable gummies and chocolates are common THC edibles in Virginia, although some select stores offer more options. 

Weed Delivery Northern Virginia

If you wanted to know the answer to the question: can you get weed delivered in Virginia?  rest assured, that option is available!

Northern VA dispensaries such as Beyond/Hello in Manassas, offer a delivery service that will have your Virginia marijuana delivered within 24 hours with tracking confirmation. There are also a couple more dispensaries in Virginia opening soon that are expected to provide a delivery option as well. 

If you are outside of Northern VA, but still want to try a weed delivery service, RISE Virginia dispensary also offers a delivery or pick up option for those looking for convenience. This storefront is not near or within the Northern VA area, but may be a good option if you are closer to Abingdon.

Where Can I Smoke Weed In Virginia?

Medical marijuana cardholders may smoke on private property and need to have their MMC on hand at all times. Driving under the influence of weed is against the law. When traveling with medical marijuana, it should be in a closed container in your vehicle’s glove box or trunk. Recreational users can also only smoke Virginia marijuana in their own private residence.

How To Grow Your Own Weed In Virginia

So can you grow weed in Virginia with the current Virginia cannabis laws? So far, it is very vague on what is legal to grow your weed. It is legal to grow up to four plants per household. Marijuana plants will need to be out of view of the public eye, and precautions need to be taken to ensure no unauthorized access to your plants.

Learning How to Get Weed in Virginia 

It’s an exciting time for Virginians to finally be able to legally use and purchase Virginia marijuana. There are currently 4 licensed VA dispensaries, with more opening soon. 

Whether you are a resident of Virginia or just passing through the state, it is important to learn all about Virginia marijuana laws and how to buy weed in Virginia properly to stay free from penalties and fines. With much of Virginia cannabis laws still in the grey area regarding recreational adult sales and consumption limits, there is one thing that is for certain, and that is: if you have a medical card you can purchase from any one of the Virginia dispensaries!