Many visit Las Vegas for many things. Weddings, gambling, a good club, or a night out on the town. Something we all know is weed is legal there. So, let’s go on a trip! But, wait, how old do you have to be, how much can you buy, and can a visitor like you and I even purchase it? Let’s pack our bags and find out! As long as the state licenses your dispensary, you’re good to go. Many sites warn against third-party vendors, though. So keep an eye out. There are also places to visit that allow you to smoke while you’re there in the store. But sure, before lighting up, you ask. You don’t need any fines while on vacation.

Is Weed Legal In Las Vegas?

Yes. Only businesses licensed can sell weed, so be careful when buying. It's only legal to smoke and possess weed in a private residence. Some places will let you smoke weed in the dispensary, so be sure to ask and make sure.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy Weed In Las Vegas?

Anyone twenty one years old or older can smoke recreational weed. But, you can be a Medical Marijuana Cardholder at the age of eighteen. A fun fact they tell is that you can also be cardholders from other states and smoke and purchase, too. Remember, Vegas is full of dispensaries as well as those who still sell illegally. Be careful not to buy from anyone but a licensed dispensary.

Where Can I Smoke Weed In Las Vegas?

You can only smoke marijuana in private residences or businesses that allow it, such as dispensaries. That means you can’t smoke a joint while walking or driving to your next stop in Las Vegas. If you’re visiting Las Vegas, here are some places you can NOT smoke weed, according to Nevada Marijuana Laws:
  • Hotel rooms
  • Casinos
  • Schools and universities
  • Dorm rooms
  • Common areas in apartment buildings
  • Offices buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Stadiums
  • Public restrooms
  • Federal property
  • Any motor vehicle
If caught, you will be arrested and can face up to $5,000 in fines. Your jail time or sentence will be up to the judge, even if you’re just visiting. This offense is considered a class E felony and can result in probation as well! Yikes!

Where To Get Medical Marijuana In Las Vegas

You can get medical weed from any dispenser with your MMC and your valid state-issued ID. One of the top-rated doctors in Las Vegas is Dr. Green Relief Las Vegas Marijuana Doctors. They can help you get your Medical Marijuana Card fast. Fun fact- according to Dr. Green, when you are a medical marijuana cardholder, you get a discounted rate on weed compared to recreational prices.

How To Grow Your Own Weed In Las Vegas

Are you ready for this one? According to attorneys, growing your own weed in Las Vegas is illegal. Only a licensed dispensary or growers can grow it unless you live over twenty-five miles away from one. Yep, you read that right! Even then, you can only have up to six plants but no more than twelve total. They must be in a greenhouse, room in your house, or a closet locked away with a security lock. Your plants must not be visible to the public. What about if you rent? Simple, you will need permission from your property owner first. If you don’t get approval, it could cost you fines, jail time, and your home.