How To Buy Weed In Chicago

You can legally purchase cannabis at 15 dispensaries in Chicago itself and another 27 in the surrounding suburbs. 

What Is Cannabis Law In Illinois?

As of January 1st, 2020, if you’re over 21, you can legally buy cannabis from dispensaries in the state and may legally purchase up to 1oz at a time. If you’re a medical patient, you can have up to 5 plants at a time. All manner of cannabis products is available at Illinois dispensaries, including flower, vaporizer cartridges, topical ointments, salves, suppositories, edibles, concentrates, and more. 

Purchase Limits For Illinois Residents

Flower - 30 gramsConcentrates - 5 gramsEdibles & Other THC-Infused Products - 500mg THC

Purchase Limits For Non-Illinois Residents

Flower - 15 gramsConcentrates - 2.5 gramsEdibles & Other THC-Infused Products - 250mg THC

Chicago Dispensary Locations

Sunnyside, 3812 N. Clark StreetDispensary 33, 5001 N. Clark StreetMOCA Modern Cannabis, 2847 N. Milwaukee AvenueMaribis of Chicago, 4570 S. Archer AvenueColumbia Care, 4758 N. Milwaukee AvenueMission Illinois, 8554 S. Commercial AvenueThe Herbal Care Center, 1301 S. Western AvenueMidway Dispensary, 5648 S. Archer AvenueConsume: Chicago, 6428 N. Milwaukee AvenueNu Med Chicago, 1308 W. North Avenue