Cannabis 101 // October 20, 2020 // Sergio

How Much Is a Gram of Weed in Barcelona?

How Much Is a Gram of Weed in Barcelona?
Barcelona’s cannabis industry is booming, and canna-tourism has exploded alongside it. Spain has never been an expensive country when it comes to getting intoxicated. People from all over the world come to to enjoy Barcelona’s beaches and culture, and to have a wonderful time eating, drinking and unwinding. Alcohol is a huge economic booster to Spain’s economy, and it’s cheap and abundant here. On average, cocktails at a run-of-the mill bar contain triple shots of alcohol, and run about €8 (approximately $9.40 USD). I’ve been to towns where a Bacardi and Coke that was basically clear from all of the rum the bartender poured into my glass cost me €5. Spain likes to stay lit.

Take Me to Your Dealer

Spain has what’s called a mixed capitalist economy. The market isn’t like the United States, which is entirely driven by supply and demand. Nevertheless, the heavy influx of canna-tourists to Barcelona has definitely caused a rise in the price of weed. It used to be, if you had a regular dealer, you could pick up 20 grams of decent seedless herb, a.k.a. sinsemilla, for €50. Nowadays, that same guy is charging €100 for 20 grams of flower.

Get in the Mix

Most weed associations in Barcelona have fair prices. Locals-only cannabis clubs usually don’t have large selections, so don’t get your hopes up to try that Chocolope pheno you read about somewhere. Clubs that cater to locals usually charge between €5 and €10 euros per gram for flower (around $6-12 USD), and most of them also have a “mix” option that usually goes for somewhere between €3 -5. “Mix” refers to bottom-of-the-barrel shake and destroyed buds that are not sellable at the regular price. If you’re strapped for cash, or don’t have a preference on your smoke, ask your budtender, “Hay mix?” (pronounced I meex?).

Be a Conscious Canna-Tourist

Being on the grey(er) side of the legal loophole that allows for private cannabis consumption, tourist-friendly clubs are more expensive than their locals-only cohorts. Prices for flowers range between €9 and €20, and imported flowers come with a hefty €30-40 per gram price tag. Whether you're purchasing your weed from a dealer, or at a cannabis club, make sure to have cash on hand. And remember, under current laws, trafficking, selling, or carrying cannabis is still a crime in Spain. Smoking or displaying it in public will cost you a large fine, any weed you have will be seized, and you could be subject to jail time. Visit a club, or smoke in private at your lodgings, to stay safe and enjoy the best weed Barcelona has to offer.