Features // April 29, 2021 // Annie Gallo

Good Vibes: Gifted Curators x 3 Stars Brewing Company

Good Vibes: Gifted Curators x 3 Stars Brewing Company
Art, beer and cannabis enthusiasts came together to celebrate 4/20 with Gifted Curators and vendors at 3 Stars Brewing Company in an event with live graffiti art, beer, and vendors that promoted a feeling of community with positive vibes. Gifted Curators employee Pae X DJed the event with a mix that everyone vibed with. He told Urban Aroma he's been spinning records for six or seven years, but this was his first time spinning for a cannabis event. “The crowd was great, a great variety of people,” Pae X said, noting that the event was a cool way to work back to normalcy amidst the pandemic.

A Community Welcome

Social distance measures were taken as guests were encouraged to reserve a spot ahead of time, and all the spots were six feet apart. The social distancing didn't stop the event  from being incredibly welcoming, with all kinds of members from the 420 community and art community. Jessie Deardorff, an EMT from Richmond, VA, drove for two hours with her friend Max to meet up with another friend at the event in DC. Deardorff explained that she can't smoke, as she is drug tested for work, but that she supports the 420 community. She came to the event to check out the art, especially the work by graffiti artist Stoe. “I’ve been following his work for about six  years — he does the best graffiti I’ve ever seen in my life,” she said. Deardorff noted she travels anywhere within 100 miles of Richmond to attend live art events. She took off work for the event Sunday, and she said she had been looking forward to seeing Stoe’s work for weeks. She also said she appreciated the event’s variety of food, music and good vibes.

Uplifting Art

Stoe was one of three artists showcasing their art by spray painting on Sunday. Other artists working in front of the crowd included Rei 21, Freak, Kiyak and Bleak. As  the artists spray painted, attendees enjoyed craft beer and food from 3 Stars Brewery vendors like Cannamex DC. 3 Stars Brewing Company released a third edition of their terpene-conditioned IPA in collaboration with Phone Homie, the influencer and cannabis entrepreneur, who was chatting with folks and gifting products at his table.  Gifted Curators also had a booth set up, with samples of Jackpot gummies for attendees. Other THC gifts were available with a purchase of digital art. To stay updated on future events at 3 Stars Brewing Company, be sure to follow their Instagram and Facebook. Follow Gifted Curators and Urban Aroma for more event announcements.