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Gifted Curators Review

Gifted Curators Review

In the world of DC Weed, it’s hard to find a service as safe and reliable as Gifted Curators. Reliability goes three ways;

1. Will they show up where and when you ask?

2. Will your product be worth it?

3. Will I feel safe in the process.  Well with Gifted Curators, our experience has shown it’s hard to find a service more top-notch at all these traits.

This is a new service so it's always a concern whether they are reliable and whether they have premium products.  So I went onto their website, which was unbelievably easy to use.  After what seemed like less than a minute I placed my order and waited.  Since I'm a first time customer I had to pay via Cash App, which I was prompted to do in a text from them almost immediately upon ordering (amazing).  I made the payment and sent my ID proving I’m over 21 and we arranged to meet up in a local store parking lot.

Let’s just say, I was more than pleased with this outcome. The delivery person showed up on time, handed me my products in exchange for cash, was super nice, and went on their way.

And let me just tell you, the product lived up to expectation. DC weed these days is really California weed and wow is it fire.  I mean it's rare to see product this good in DC.  I will definitely be using them again.  Also, they offer a $20 refer a friend coupon!

See my purchase being opened - Product Opening

This isn’t your typical DC Weed Event situation. This is DC Weed Delivery at its finest.

So yes, we very much recommend giving Gifted Curators a try if you want a great experience.

**Gifted Curators DC also has up a sister operation in NYC you can find @giftedcurators!