Strains & Reviews // April 2, 2021 // Ephrata

Gelato Cake Strain Review

Gelato Cake Strain Review
Gifted Curators offers “DC weed at its finest.” One of our cannabis connoisseurs, Kush-n-Pain, is sampling legendary strains from Gifted Curators to review for Urban Aroma readers. Read on for Kush-n-Pain’s review of Gelato Cake.

Gelato Cake

Sweet vanilla spice with a hint of pine like a New Mexico pound cake rushes my senses. Ok, I've never had such a confection, but I've enjoyed a Southwest sweet chilli cornbread, and I imagine the region known for such pungent flavors might create a dessert that tastes like Gelato Cake.
The dense yet lightweight nugs are forest green, with deep purple undertones and reddish orange hairs. They're carpeted with trichomes and resinous glob bits that create sticky fun when broken up. And now for my favorite part of the review process: the Two Tokes Test.

Two Tokes Test

Flame-engulfed resin crackles like bacon frying in a pan. After all the sweet delicious smells the exhale is rather earthy, though cakey. The hits are smooth for a veteran smoker; the quick forehead and entire upper body experience takes less than 10 minutes to kick in. The feel is a slow rollercoaster ride up to the first drop off... Noobs will probably only need a single toke — perhaps just a dugout bat hit. 'Nuff said.
This is my first smoke of the day after praying and worship, TaiQiGong and breakfast. Just like Uncle Bruce Lee use to do,  although he was a hash head... but I digress. I must say, it's a crushing buzz, not built for heavy equipment operation. I guess I can make love later (ahem).

The Breakdown

 This cultivar has a complex lineage consisting of:
  •  Gelato = Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint GSC
  •  (Wedding)Cake = Cherry Pie x GSC
  •  Sunset Sherbet = GSC x Pink Panties
  •  Thin Mint GSC = OG Kush x GSC
  •  Ch Pie = G Daddy Purp x Durban Poison
  •  Pink Panties = Burmese Kush x FLA Kush
  •  GSC = OG Kush x Durban Poison x F1


  • 20.5% THC — after a long day, such gas might have you manufacturing little more than dreams.
  • CBD and CBN are also on the team, and IMO doing more than warming the bench.


  • The limonene citrus elevated mood is present
  • Pinene is calming, keeping the high from flying off the tracks
  • Caryophyllene adds peppery, anti-inflammatory, relaxing attributes
Altogether, with a 75/25 indica dominance, the cannabinoids and terps of Gelato Cake create an entourage of pain-free chillaxin' creativity.

Final Hit

I would absolutely recommend this high-end flower to any seeking to reduce the mental and physical strains of daily life.
Rating: I give it a 9.8 on the Ephrata 1 -10 Scale. Toke In Wellness.