Strains & Reviews // March 8, 2021 // Ephrata

Forbidden Fruits Strain Review

Forbidden Fruits Strain Review
Gifted Curators offers “DC weed at its finest.” One of our cannabis connoisseurs, Kush-n-Pain, is sampling legendary strains from Gifted Curators to review for Urban Aroma readers. Read on for Kush-n-Pain’s review of Forbidden Fruits.

Forbidden Fruits

The Forbidden Fruits flower is a lovely bud sporting deep greens and purples with ochre hairs. The eye-popping trichome coverage scintillates under a lighted magnifying glass. Its smell is sweet and sour, and spiced earth berries. This batch I'm sampling is at the perfect cure state where it's easy to break up.

Two Tokes Test

Forbidden Fruits is a coolish smoke that's easy on the toke. My head, especially the frontal region, is first to feel the effects, with my upper body getting a mild softening from pain. This 75/25 indica-dominant bud hits heavy, with a fruitful palate it inherited from her progenitors Cherry Pie x Tangie. The high lasted about three hours.

The Breakdown


  • THC: + 24%


  • Beta Myrcene: 0.4 - 0.5%
  • Beta Caryophyllene: 0.17 - 0.22%
  • Limonene: 0.15 - 0.2%
Mycrene is good for chillaxin', caryophyllene boosts the immune system, and limone can give your attitude a lift.

Final Hit

This strain is ideal for minor aches, and may assist with anxiety relief or just feeling good. Novice smokers, a.k.a. noobs, should exercise caution and dose responsibly. Rating: On the Ephrata 1-10 Scale I give Forbidden Fruits 8.4 for recreational use, 8.7 for medical.