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Facts About Jack Herer

Facts About Jack Herer

If you’re a longtime smoker, Jack Herer is probably already a good friend of yours, and if you’re a newcomer then it’s time to get acquainted. The strain is named after the late Jack Herer, one of cannabis’ most fervent and longtime activists. Sensi Seeds developed this sativa-dominant hybrid in the late '80s and has kept the genetic formula on lock ever since. Winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup fourteen times (!!), it’s a Hall of Famer that has definitely earned its stripes. An ideal wake-and-bake strain, it’s incredibly well-rounded and will keep you stimulated and aware all day long.

The Origins of Jack Herer

Jack Herer was an American entrepreneur, author and activist who agitated for the decriminalization and legalization of cannabis. The strain was named in honor of his work in the field. 

Even though Sensi Seeds has never revealed the exact genetics that were bred to create Jack Herer, it’s rumoured to be the product of crossing a Haze with Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk. These are legendary strains in themselves, so it’s no surprise that Jack Herer is such a champion. Jack Herer is a 45% indica/55% sativa hybrid, with THC levels that tend to stay steady around the 20-22% mark.

It was originally bred in Holland with the goal of creating a plant with the effects of a Haze, with a faster growing time — little did the breeders know they were creating what would become one of the world’s most popular strains.

Smell, Taste & Appearance

I want you to imagine that it’s a hot summer day, and someone has just handed you an ice-cold can of Sprite. You crack it open and take that first sip, lemon-lime bubbles exploding in your mouth. THAT’S Jack Herer in a nutshell. The undertones are spicy and peppery, but the smoke is always smooth as silk. It’s not overwhelming or complex, but that’s what makes this bud a perfect everyday choice. Visually, it’s not the most beautiful weed on earth, but if it’s properly grown and cured then it should produce dense, light green buds covered with a shocking amount of sticky-icky trichomes.

Effects of Jack Herer

From the first energizing hit, the effects of Jack Herer are as notorious as the man himself. A welcome body high that’s marked by alertness and creativity, this is a great strain to smoke for brainstorming and creativity. Smoking weed and staying clear-headed is a much sought after effect and it’s one of the reasons this is a great choice for the newbie smoker. If smoking this makes you feel paranoid, then marijuana probably isn’t for you, as Jack Herer is known for permitting users to feel fully lucid and in control all while getting high as hell. Most people will feel buzzy and chatty and full of brilliant ideas. Whether you’re smoking solo or sharing with a friend, Jack Herer will give you a wonderful floaty euphoric feeling, while allowing you to keep your feet firmly planted in reality. 

Medical Benefits

Jack Herer gets in your head in the best of ways. A few puffs and you’ll instantly feel your creative juices start to flow. The high is mellow enough to prevent any paranoia from creeping in and is great for stress, anxiety and mild depression. And as with any well-balanced strain, it can also be used for migraine relief and other more persistent body pains. But if it’s insomnia that ails you, stay away. Even though Jack Herer only leans a little to the sativa side, it will likely keep your brain stimulated enough to keep you awake.

facts about jack herer