Strains & Reviews // January 8, 2020

Emerald Express (EmEx): Delivery Review

Emerald Express

Emerald Express

This delivery service brings some of the best high-quality cannabis options within the hour and they have other very nice goodies to try.

A trusted source in the cannabis industry recently told me to check out Emerald Express delivery. I was told they are a long time reliable and quick delivery service that carries budget options as well as premium top shelf and even exotic strains. Besides top shelf flower, I heard they have some good edibles. I was eager to check out their gifts, so I got the number off their website,

I waited till after lunch, then texted (202)-525-9498 that I was interested in gifting options. They replied with a text asking me to reply with my name, street address, and phone number. Then they asked for a selfie while holding my ID. It clarified that they just need the named and DOB and I could cover up the rest of the info if I wanted to. I asked about this later, and they said it's a step that they had to implement to keep their delivery people safe and legal by not serving minors (as required by initiative 71). They then asked for a general location to meet up, a time frame, and the items requested in the order. They then asked me to monitor my phone and someone would arrive within the hour. If we were meeting in public, I would have used the menu on the website or the one listed on Instagram to place my order.

About an hour later, the guy texted me as he arrived and we stepped inside my place.

He told me I could choose a nearby spot if my home was not available. He pulled out small plastic containers, each with 3 grams of a various strains. I picked a strain called "Green Crack", a sativa for some high functioning productivity, and "Zherblato," and indica for some very chillaxing time on the couch with Netflix. Three grams is good for like 3 giant joints, or 6 good joints, so I grabbed the two so I could roll a good dozen J's. As soon as I popped the top of the containers, I could tell this in fact is the "gas" as they say the DC streets. Strong, sweet, and funky scents so I knew they were going to be a couple of strong strains.

Both joints I rolled up with each of the two strains were lit. This is definitely some of the best weed available in the District. Very few places carry the kind of quality strains I found here, so I was curious to try them out again. The following week I hit up EmEx again. This time they came quicker, within 15 minutes. They had like 5 different premium strains and a few other things, like prerolls (pure cannabis cigarettes, ready to smoke). They only accept cash, so I had $60 ready for each of the gifts I was interested in. This time I got some Runtz and Ghost Tangie flower, and a pack of two cannabis-infused chocolate chip cookies. They are small-batch vegan cookies that are baked with the newest strains of cannabis flower harvested. The cookies on hand that day were Pineapple OG (Sativa) and Louix XIII (Indica). They were delicious and gave me a good body and head high mix and at a great deal too: they were only $20 for a pack of 2. The other low priced option were the .7 gram prerolls available for $15.


I gotta say I am very impressed with the quality of the strains carried by Emerald Express. This is clearly an expertly curated menu of cannabis with access to professional growers. The menus seems to change with some regularity, but the standards expected have been maintained. Out of all the reviewed deliveries and shops, this stands out as one of the best in Washington, DC. I should also note, that the products come with ever changing cool hand-drawn label designs. If you are looking for delivery in DC with some of the best choices of marijuana, EmEx is an excellent option. I would definitely recommend and will use again myself.

Serving Washington, DC (202)-525-9498 Open: Everyday 1pm-9pm