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Does Cannabis Help With Nausea?

Does Cannabis Help With Nausea?
People use cannabis medicinally to help with a number of conditions, from anxiety issues to inflammation, aches and pains. Its many medicinal benefits are well known — but does cannabis help with nausea? Here are a few key points you need to know if you're considering using cannabis to stop feeling queasy.

What Causes Nausea?

Nerves, medications, foods, anxieties, headaches, gallbladder problems, and other illnesses can cause mild to severe nausea. The list goes on and on. Nausea is when there's something unsettling in or on the stomach, and is often stress-related. You can be sick to your stomach for many reasons.

What Is the Best Strain of Weed for Nausea?

Regardless of whether it's an indica or sativa dominant strain, look for one with high levels of CBD, which gives a calming and relaxing effect and can soothe nausea. While indica-dominant strains rich in THC are often used for their calming effect, when soothing an upset stomach, CBD can really help.

Why Do I Get Nauseated When I Smoke?

A very small number of people suffer from cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS). This cannabis-related condition can cause nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. While it is unknown why this only affects a very few, it doesn't affect most people who consumer cannabis. As you know, many people use cannabis to soothe an upset stomach. If you feel sick after consuming cannabis, it could be that you consumed a strain that's too potent for your tolerance levels, or a product that simply doesn't agree with you. Maybe a lower dose is right for you. When visiting your dispensary next, ask your budtender for recommendations on products that may be easier on your stomach.

Can CBD Stop Nausea And Vomiting?

CBD has been shown in studies to calm nausea and vomiting. Many cancer and chemotherapy patients use cannabis to reduce the nausea and stomach pain that accompanies cancer treatments. Scientific studies have shown that cannabis does in fact lessen the effects of nausea greatly when CBD is used as a treatment option.

Which Is Better For Nausea: Indica Or Sativa?

It depends on your tolerance and taste entirely. Some people find relief with heavy indicas, and others prefer the euphoric effects of a sativa-dominant strain to settle their stomach. Ask your budtender for a high-CBD strain and take notes on how it makes you feel as compared to high-THC flower. Blue Dream is a favorite sativa-dominant strain for many. OG Kush is another great strain for relief. When you experiment with strains of cannabis for relief from nausea, make sure you drink plenty of water, and always go low and slow.