Cannabis 101 // March 30, 2021 // adminseth

Does Cannabis Help With Appetite?

Does Cannabis Haelp With Appetite?
Many medical marijuana patients consume cannabis to increase appetite. How does it help? We all know that smoking weed can lead to the munchies — we wanted to dig into how that happens. Here are a few questions and answers for you about weed and appetite, as well as some recommendations for what types of weed might help you.

How Can I Increase My Appetite Quickly?

Studies have shown that medical cannabis safely and effectively stimulates hunger. When consumed, weed can raise hormones in the body to increase your appetite. Many patients with illnesses that cause them to lose their appetite, such as cancer or chronic pain which can lead to nausea, use cannabis to regulate those symptoms with THC, which helps boost the appetite. So, if you want to increase your appetite fast, adding cannabis to your wellness routine could do the trick!

What Kinds Of Weed Help With Appetite?

Many strains of cannabis, including Bubblegum, Popcorn Kush, Lemon Drop, and Black Velvet, can increase your appetite greatly. According to plenty of anecdotal evidence and recent research, strong strains like these can give you the appetite of a teenager. Which one of these strains will whet your appetite? Each of them sounds like it could give you the munchies! The best way to find a strain that boosts your appetite is by visiting your local dispensary and chatting with a knowledgable budtender. Experiment by sampling various strains of cannabis, until you find the weed that works best for you.

Can Weed Give Me The Munchies?

Speaking of the munchies: weed, cannabis, marijuana, however you want to say it, can give you the munchies for all kinds of foods. Weed smokers often crave a variety of foods ranging from salty to sweet — but why? As we've said, it's the THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol is responsible for all those food cravings. The cannabinoid intensifies the craving factor in the brain for whatever the brain thinks the body needs, a.k.a. “brain foods”. THC is even responsible for making the smell and taste of food more tantalizing. Have you ever smoked a joint and thought, “What is that smell... it's so good, and I want it?” Yep, you got it. That's THC talking to your brain, saying “Yes, that's what you need.” Getting the munchies is awesome. Speaking of munchies, I’ll be right back.

What Strains Don't Make You Hungry?

Many sativa-dominant strains have higher levels of  THCV, which is an appetite suppressant. If you'd like to feel less hungry, try a strain with higher levels of THCV. Smoking a sativa-dominant strain such as Durban Poison or Cherry Pie can help you feel energized, more active, and less prone to snacking. Sativa-dominant strains are often considered “uppers,” that can keep you awake and active, whereas indica-dominant strains can induce sleepiness as well as your appetite. So, if you're looking to smoke cannabis, but not eat too much, try a strain with higher levels of THCV.