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DC Weed Delivery: The Easiest and Safest Way to Obtain Weed in DC

DC Weed Delivery: The Easiest and Safest Way to Obtain Weed in DC

It is safe to say you have heard of all the run-ins with the law when trying to get your hands on that DC weed. When it comes to the gifting economy, it’s important to know that you’ve chosen an Initiative 71 compliant company that knows what they are doing so that you can feel safe while getting that new DC loud you’ve been looking to try. No one wants to deal with the consequences that have come from DC weed companies that haven’t done their research for this grey market.

What makes DC Weed Delivery Services Safe?

easiest and safest way to obtain weed in dc

 When ordering from a DC weed delivery company listed in our directory, you can trust that they know I71 like the back of their hand and they abide by it. I71 was passed with the intention of “home grow; home use”. Which sounds great and all if you’re ready and prepared to cultivate your own marijuana. However, this takes time, equipment, and money. The gifting economy was birthed from the understanding that I71 states you cannot sell cannabis but you can gift it. Hallelujah! As with any law, loopholes have been found that allow for up to 1 ounce of dry flower to be gifted with the purchase of something else; a hat, a t-shirt, a piece of artwork, take your pick!  

Easy To Use Washington DC Weed Delivery

DC weed delivery service requirements

When using a delivery service for DC weed, knowing these things can help you be prepared, prior to purchase.

  • Must be 21 years of age or older
  • Must show proof of ID
  • Must be delivered to a DC address

It’s important that you know these things prior to purchase so that you don’t wait for your DC weed delivery only to be denied because one of those three requirements haven’t been met. Since we have listed trustworthy I71 compliant DC weed companies, you can be sure that they will follow the guidelines to avoid law enforcement cracking down on you or them.

Why People Are Loving DC Weed Delivery

DC weed delivery

Before the days of DC weed delivery, popup events were a big thing for DC weedys but they were getting busted and raided by the cops because Initiative 71 was not being followed and underage kids were being sold cannabis. Some of these events led to further prosecution and expensive consequences, but the majority of these said court cases were dropped by the prosecutors. A law was passed that prohibits DC from using any funding to crack down on marijuana. DC weed delivery by the companies we have listed make it their mission to stay I71 compliant.  Life has been given to the easiest and safest way to obtain DC weed in Washington DC. Wait for your weed to be brought to you in the comfort of your own home. Nothing sounds better at the moment! Conclusion Choose from our directory of companies that do weed delivery in DC. Trust that you will be brought what you have asked for in a timely manner. Knowing you are safe in your own home is the best!