October 28, 2020 // UrbanAroma Staff

Can You Smoke Weed Out Of A Brass Pipe?

How you choose to smoke weed is a personal thing. Some people prefer not to smoke at all, and opt for vaping or edibles instead. For those that do like to smoke, there are tons of ways to do it. You can roll a joint using quality rolling papers, you can use a bong, or you might choose to use a favorite type of pipe, as people have done for thousands of years. There are many pipe options to choose from. Glass pipes are popular among many weed smokers, and there are many incredible types of glass pieces to choose from. Metal pipes have also been around for ages. Metal pipes can be more affordable than some of their glass counterparts, and are also very popular. The question is, which metal pipes are safe to use, and which ones might not be? Brass pipes have been used for a long time, but are they safe?

Brass Pipes Versus Other Metal Pipes

Brass is an alloy that has long been used for decorative purposes, with its bright gold-like appearance. It's an extremely sturdy metal that stands the test of time. Pure brass is durable, non-toxic and has no links to health complications, unlike other metals such as aluminum, copper, or nickel, which should not be smoked out of.

Is Brass A Healthier Option?

It appears that smoking weed out of a brass pipe is non-toxic, and poses no additional health risk. Brass is safe to heat, and is a great choice to use for weed smoking. Brass is also more resistant to wear than metals like silver or gold. You can smoke weed from brass without worrying about any toxic side effects.

Pure Brass vs Plated Brass

Brass pipes can come in a pure brass form, or they may be plated with another metal on the outer coating. You can buy a pure brass pipe or a plated brass pipe. Are brass plated pipes safe too? Plated brass pipes may not always be toxic, but you must consider what the plating metal is. It could be a less safe metal like copper or nickel, which can be dangerous to smoke from. When buying a brass pipe, make sure it's pure brass, and you won't have to worry whether you are being exposed to harmful toxins from unsafe metals.

How To Identify A Pure Brass Pipe

If you aren't sure if the pipe you are purchasing is pure brass, there are ways to identify its purity if the packaging doesn't state it clearly. If the pipe is super shiny and has no scratches or blemishes, it's probably not pure brass. The patina on the pipe can tell you what you need to know. Patina refers to a film on the surface of brass or bronze that is produced by oxidation over a long period. When pure brass comes into contact with oxygen, it changes color over time, taking on a bluish-green color. If you see a patina on the pipe, you can be reasonably sure it's pure brass, and therefore non-toxic.

How To Clean A Brass Pipe

Like all smoking accessories, brass pipes need to be cleaned occasionally. You can buy a pipe cleaning solution online or at your local head shop, but the isopropyl alcohol you probably already have at home in your medicine cabinet works great as a cleaner. Use a glass bowl, and disassemble the pipe if it comes apart. This is an ideal time to replace the screen. Screens can be cleaned too, if they're not too old and brittle. Place the pipe and parts in a bowl or Tupperware container, and pour alcohol over them until they're fully submerged. Let it all soak for 24 hours for deep cleaning. Rinse the pipe and parts thoroughly using hot water. Thread a pipe cleaner through the pipe to get any residue out of the stem and bowl. You may need to scrape away stubborn residue using a paper clip or other small metal tool, but don't dig into the metal. You can repeat the soaking process with alcohol if your pipe isn't as clean as you'd like after you've rinsed and rubbed it well.